Clothing for Birdwatching

Funny, but there doesn’t seem to be such a thing as a fair-weather birdwatcher. If you’re into birding, you’re into birding. Summer or winter. Shine or rain. Costa Rica or St Kilda. Fair or very foul indeed. We’ve based our recommended outfit, though, around the ‘foul’ end of the scale.

Protection from the rain and cold are top priorities. The recommended clothing has plenty in common with hill-walking gear. Camouflaged clothing is rarely necessary, but muted, earthy colours are normally a good choice. And, because you’ll be sitting still for long periods, extra insulation is far more important to the birder than the hill-walker. But, please note, the right clothing should be used in conjunction with (rather than as a substitute for) a nice flask of hot soup. You need both, really.