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Thank you for your interest in owning a Rohan franchise.

Rohan was founded by husband and wife Paul and Sarah Howcroft in the Yorkshire dales in the early 1970s. Poor outdoor clothing on the market inspired them to take a radical step and they decided to develop their own. From their kitchen table came hand-machined samples which brought a new view to textile technology and garment design. Their success soon came to fruition, with local climbing clubs and as the word spread, their success started to develop nationally.

Today, Rohan remains an independent company with innovative views on how a successful organisation should operate. Rohan Designs have over 60 stores around the UK and have identified a further 20 to 30 areas in which they wish to open franchised Rohan outlets.

Priority target areas have been identified for further development in 2011 and the company is looking for franchisee owners who possess enthusiasm, a passion for the Rohan brand and its associated products, high standards of professionalism and a commitment to building good customer relationships through excellent service standards.

A key attraction is the No Stock Risk!

Rohan has developed a merchandising system which has enabled the company to create a retail franchise that requires no capital outlay in stock! Rohan holds its stock items in its warehouse and retains nominal ownership of all items in the franchise stores racks. When an item is sold, the details are automatically communicated via the till system and a replacement item is sent out within 48 hours. With no capital tied up in stock, the franchise owner can rely on Rohan’s merchandising experience to ensure that the right balance of stock items and sizes are on display.

All sales revenue is initially collected by Rohan’s bank, which at the end of every month pays the franchise owner a profit margin on all their sales.

With the advantage of a fully automated stock holding and reordering system that ensures the franchise owners store is constantly restocked with the most popular product ranges, combined with a huge database of committed Rohan customers which the company can drive into stores through its proven mail marketing programme, the Rohan franchise opportunity is a very cost effective and efficient business system.

Franchising FAQ

What is the total investment required for a Rohan store?

Total investment required is approximately £75,000 plus VAT. The total investment can vary depending upon the type of property utilised and the fit out works undertaken.

What do I get for my money?

At the start of the franchise agreement there is an initial fee payable for each store and this gives you the right to use the Rohan Designs Ltd trademarks, its system for marketing and selling its products, its information, specifications, know-how and other confidential and proprietary information. Included in the indicative total investment cost, there is some allowance for management training and initial marketing support prior to opening. Most of the start-up costs are comprised of the building fit-out and equipment costs which will vary depending on your store. Package normally includes all fixtures and fittings, signage, internal signage, property fees, legal fees, franchise fee, project management costs and pre-opening expenses.

Does that include the cost of the stock?

The Rohan Designs franchise provides the Franchise Owner with a business system in which there is no capital tied up in stock. Rohan Designs Ltd determines the balance of stock items on display in each store.

How much will I make?

The franchise model provides the Franchise Owner with the opportunity to build sales and profitability with maximum business efficiency and minimal management hassle. Every store will have its own specific cost profile. We will be able to provide some historic actual costs associated with running a Rohan store to help you work out what your business might look like. This is provided at an initial meeting held at Rohan head office in Milton Keynes.

In addition to the start-up costs, what are the on-going liabilities?

There are no on-going fees. Rohan Designs Ltd receives the revenue from the sales of the product and simply credits the franchise owner bank account with the appropriate margin on the goods. You will however, be responsible for the rent, rates and utility cost of the store for the term of the lease and franchise agreement.

What is the length of term of the Franchise Agreement?

The initial agreement is normally for 5 years with the right to renew for a further 5 years. Subject to lease and other considerations, the Franchise Agreement is renewable by the franchisee at no additional charge.

What training and on-going operational support is given to Franchisees?

You will receive two weeks initial training on our Management Training Programme. The training takes place at our head office in Milton Keynes. This incorporates classroom and practical work at a company owned store. Further training courses are offered to franchisees and their team members on an on-going basis. Extensive and continuous support from a dedicated area manager and our head office team will assist you with recruitment and staff training, marketing and other operational areas.

Where can I put a store and who finds the store location?

Site selection criteria will be provided for an area targeted by Rohan Designs as being suitable for a Rohan retail outlet. Support is provided in finding the right store location through to negotiation of rental lease terms, design and shop fitting to franchisees as part of our franchise package.

How big is the store?

Shop units of 1,200 – 1,500 sqft on one level, preferably double fronted, adjacent to supporting traders such as outdoor brands and quality fashion brands. Buildings of character and personality will be considered.

Is previous fashion or store retail experience necessary?

No. Most of our franchisees do not have a fashion or store retail background. Our successful franchisees are owner/managers and have excellent people skills, passion and enthusiasm.

Who Is Ideal?

For your franchise to work and prove a success, your input is crucial. After all, as an owner-operator you'll be the one who's there on a day-to-day basis, making things work from day one.

So, what does it take to be a successful franchisee?

Well, there are a number of qualities that you'll obviously need. Exceptional interpersonal and people skills are essential, as you'll be dealing with customers as well as leading your team on a daily basis.

In addition to excellent written and spoken communication skills, you will also need the right mindset.

You'll have to be an organiser with a can-do attitude - someone who gets things done.

You'll have to be dedicated and passionate enough to adapt to a proven way of working. And you'll need the ability to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in, which means everything from selling through to administration.

What you'll also need though, is the right combination of drive, enthusiasm and business experience.

It's a challenge that calls for initiative and determination, and no small amount of dedication.

But, if you have a comprehensive understanding of business, and more specifically the retail fashion industry, it's a fantastic opportunity - one that can be personally and professionally rewarding, as well as financially.

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