Our Guarantee

Rohan products are designed and manufactured to be as functional, comfortable and durable as we know how. If for any reason they don’t live up to your expectations, we will be amazed, disappointed and keen to know why. We will then offer you a replacement, a refund or a repair. Damage from wear and tear will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

Items may be returned to Rohan head office (Rohan Designs Ltd, 30 Maryland Road, Tongwell, Milton Keynes, MK15 8HN) or your nearest shop.

Site Security

At Rohan, we treat customer security as an issue of great importance.

We use the very latest SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. This advanced system ‘scrambles’ your payment information and address details before they leave your computer and only makes them intelligible again when they reach our order processing centre.

Customer's credit card details are not held on the Internet. Once the payment has been validated and approved, the details are deleted. (This policy means that customers need to re-enter their card details for every order.)

These measures make placing your order by internet at least as safe as placing your order by post, telephone or fax.