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Eagle Creek Travel Accessories

Eagle Creek™ - ergonomic neck pillow.

Ergo Exhale Neck Pillow

Eagle Creek™ - Soft fleece 2 in 1 travel pillow.

2 in 1 Travel Pillow

Eagle Creek™ - The ultimate travel rest set.

Catnap Rest Set

Eagle Creek™ - super-slim eyeshade.

Easy Blink Eyeshade

Eagle Creek™ - Ultra-comfy eyeshade with lights-out coverage.

Sandman Eyeshade

Eagle Creek™ - secure luggage locks.

Mini Key TSA Lock®

Eagle Creek™ - convert a No Matter What™ Duffel from shoulder carry to backpack.

Quick Snap Strap

Eagle Creek™ - lightweight under-clothing money belt.

RFID Blocker Money Belt DLX

Eagle Creek™ - lightweight neck wallet.

RFID Blocker Neck Wallet

Eagle Creek™ - ultra-light, itinerary-sized, organiser.

RFID Zip Organiser

Eagle Creek™ - waist-worn silk under-clothing belt.

Silk Undercover™ Money Belt

Eagle Creek™ - waist 4 litre pack.

Tailfeather Medium

Eagle Creek™ - slim 3 litre waist pack.

Tailfeather Small

Eagle Creek™ - simple hide-away pouch.

Undercover™ Hidden Pocket

Eagle Creek™ - waist-worn under-clothing belt.

Undercover™ Money Belt

Eagle Creek™ - hide-away neck pouch.

Undercover™ Neck Wallet

Eagle Creek™ - pocket-sized zipped pouch.

Zip Stash

Eagle Creek™ - neat and discrete, a tough but comfortable money belt.

All Terrain Money Belt

Eagle Creek™ - lightweight combination luggage lock. Travel Sentry™ certified.

Ultralight TSA Lock

Eagle Creek™ - secure lock.

Travel Safe TSA Lock®

Eagle Creek™ - reflective, oversized zip pulls.

Reflective Zipper Pull Set

Eagle Creek™ - leak-proof travel sized bottle set.

Silicone Bottle Set

Eagle Creek™ - leak-proof travel size bottles.

Silicone Bottles 3 Oz

Eagle Creek™ - padded 5 litre lightweight cube.

Specter™ eCube L

Eagle Creek™ - padded 2 litre lightweight cube.

Specter™ eCube M

Eagle Creek™ - super soft earplugs.

Travel Ear Plugs

Eagle Creek™ - padded 1.5 litre lightweight cube.

Specter™ eCube S


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