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Fleece-lined trousers for cold-weather travel.

Winter Fusion Trousers

£53.20 was £95.00
Tropic weight chino with sun and insect protection.

Sentry Trousers

£30.00 was £75.00
Machine washable, technical travel suit trousers.

Envoy Trousers

£51.60 was £129.00
Versatile, technical chinos.

On Route Trousers

£38.80 was £75.00
Classic Bags styling in a technical stretch fabric.

Stretch Bags

£32.80 was £69.00
Lightweight, stretchy shorts for active outdoor wear.

Troggings Shorts

£28.80 was £49.00
Lightweight, canvas outdoor trousers.

Homeland Trousers

£23.20 was £49.00
The short version of our iconic Bags

Bags Shorts

£27.20 was £49.00
Insect repellent, convertible, stretch trekking trousers.

Trailblazers Convertible

£55.20 was £95.00
Versatile, winter lined chinos.

Winter Fusions

£34.00 was £85.00
Pull-on, shower resistant walking trousers.


£37.60 was £59.00
Rugged, versatile, stretch mountain trousers.


£52.80 was £89.00
The slim leg version of our technical Jeans.

Jeans Tapered Leg

£36.00 was £75.00
Technical, smart/casual linen trousers.

Maroc Trousers

£30.00 was £75.00
Rugged, outdoor walking short.

Consignment Shorts

£36.40 was £65.00
Machine washable, technical travel suit trousers.

Envoy Trousers

£55.20 was £115.00
Waterproof lined combat-style trousers.

Dry Pioneer Trousers

£55.20 was £99.00
Waterproof lined chinos.

Dry Requisite Trousers

£46.80 was £99.00
The winter version of our iconic Bags.

Winter Bags

£55.20 was £99.00
The tapered version of our technical Jeans Plus.

Jeans Plus Tapered Leg

£47.20 was £75.00