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Men's Core Silver T

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The coolest T-shirt in the world. Read more…

Colour: Flag Blue
The Full Story +

The coolest T-shirt in the world.

Our Core T is a technical base layer top designed for adventurous travel and trekking which takes advantage of a battery of advanced fabric technologies to offer comfort and protection in a wide range of conditions.

The first innovation is designed to keep you cooler in the very hottest conditions: our unique Coolant™ technology takes advantage of mica crystals which have been embedded into the knit of the fabric. They work by increasing the amount of energy required to heat up the material. Essentially, this has an active, cooling effect on the body. Tests have shown that the temperatures within the garment are two degrees lower than in normal, untreated clothing. Which is quite remarkable, when you think about it – and makes a big difference in the field or on the hill.

We’ve also incorporated Anti-odour Silver technology into the blend – this is a clever, patented anti-microbial technology which emloys ionic silver to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms and the associated build of odour. Basically, you can wear it for ages without needing to wash it. Quite useful, if you’re heading off on a long, multi-day trek.

The Core T is made from an advanced polyester which has a clever double-faced construction. The inner is an open eyelet knit – the outer is far denser. This dramatically increases the wicking flow of moisture from the inside to the outside, keeping you dryer, cooler and more comfortable.

When you add in our proven Dynamic Moisture Control™ technology you have what must be one of the most advanced base layers available anywhere in the world.

But you wouldn’t know it to look at it.

Our Core T has no go-faster stripes or neon chevrons.

It’s designed in a relaxed, comfortable style which, when worn alone, looks like a perfectly normal cotton T-shirt. All the technology is hidden. You’ll only know it’s there when you really need it most – in the hottest conditions on the toughest treks.

Fabric: 100% polyester with Coolant™, Anti-odour Silver and DMC™.
Weight: 220g
Pack Size: 620ml
Drying Time: 3 hours

Features at a Glance +
  • Advanced technical base layer.
  • Eyelet construction.
  • Flat-locked seams.
  • Durable.
  • Packable.
  • High-wicking.
  • Quick drying.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Crease resistant.
Technologies +
Elemental Protection
Heat - Keep CoolHeat - Keep Cool

Keeping comfortable in the heat can be harder than keeping warm in the cold. Comfort strategies are limited. We choose the right weight of fabrics, employ Airflow™ weaves and use Dynamic Moisture Control™ technology.

Sun - UPF 40+Sun - UPF 40+

We pioneered the testing of fabric for UV penetration in the UK over fifteen years ago. The health risks are now, of course, more widely recognised. All Rohan fabrics for hot weather, that carry the sun icon, are tested for their Ultraviolet Protection Factor and rated UPF 40+.

Our Technologies
Anti Odour SilverAnti Odour Silver

Tiny traces of silver are distributed evenly throughout the fibres of a garment. These inhibit the development of microbes that can grow exponentially in warm and damp areas, resulting in mould and odour. It is permanent, it will not wash out or wear out.

Dynamic Moisture ControlDynamic Moisture Control

Our Dynamic Moisture Control™ finish is a permanent, wicking treatment that rapidly spreads moisture, such as sweat, over a wide surface area of the fabric. This ensures the garment dries more quickly and you stay more comfortable - even in the hottest and most humid conditions.


Another first for Rohan. Unique Coolant™ technology works by embedding microscopic mica crystals into the knit of the fabric. This has an active, cooling effect on the body. Tests show that the temperature within the garment is two degrees lower than in normal, untreated clothing. In terms of comfort this is massive. In the search for new tactics to solve the age old problem of how to keep cooler in hot weather Coolant™ represents a real breakthrough and a significant step forward.

Fundamental Principles
Lightweight - Weight: 220gLightweight - Weight: 220g

We were the original lightweight revolutionaries. Back in the 1970’s we realised that cutting weight without losing performance meant that you can take less and do more. Everything we make is engineered to achieve this.

Packable - Pack Size: 620mlPackable - Pack Size: 620ml

Low pack size is a benefit whether you’re packing for a day’s walking or for the trip of a lifetime. We continually scrutinise fabric specification and garment construction to minimise the packed size of our clothing. The actual pack size is tested and listed.

Fast Drying - Drying Time: 3 hoursFast Drying - Drying Time: 3 hours

All Rohan clothing is designed to be very fast drying – as much a benefit for unexpected downpours as anything else. It’s easy to wash and often needs no ironing. Almost all garments will dry overnight, meaning you can take less with you. We test every item and list its drying time.

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