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Men's Microgrid Stowaway Zip

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Want to stay warm? Wear a fleece full of holes. Read more…

The Full Story +

Dry air is a fantastic insulator. Anyone who ventures into the outdoors knows that. And we also know that it doesn’t always occur naturally, particularly in the hills and mountains of temperate Britain!

The key to keeping warm is trapping dry air - and that’s where our Microgrid Stowaway Zip comes in. It’s full of holes which trap lots and lots of air. We specify a very advanced, high quality polyester fleece which is characterised by a hard-wearing ‘holey’ grid structure.

And these holes have lots of other benefits: they make the whole top lighter. They also make it much more packable and far more breathable. All for the same warmth as a much heavier, ordinary fleece.

Our Microgrid Stowaway Zip is a super-functional top designed to maximise the properties of this remarkable material. It’s a simple, technical design which is perfect as a winter layering piece. Team it up with our Superfine Merino 200 Zip, our Pinnacle Jacket and an insulating duvet for the coldest days and you’re ready for anything the British mountains can throw at you.

In warmer conditions, it’s just as useful. Just scale down the layering. And, because it’s pretty understated looking, it makes a great everyday sweatshirt.

In fact, there’s not much it’s not suitable for. If you’re into walking, trekking, mountain biking, birding, skiing, climbing or adventurous travel - in Summer or Winter - you’re going to get an awful lot of use out of this top. To be honest, even if your sport of choice is Olympic-standard bar propping up, you’re going to get your money’s worth.

Features include a deep ventilating neck zip, quick-drying elasticated trims, technical thumb loops and a handy Packpocket™ - into which the whole top packs for convenient storage and transport.

Fabric: 100% polyester grid micro-fleece
Weight: 300g
Pack Size: 1,000ml
Drying Time: 6 hours

Features at a Glance +
  • Multi-purpose technical mid-layer
  • Deep, ventilating neck zip
  • Chest Packpocket™
  • Quick-drying stretch trims
  • Technical thumb loops
  • Durable
  • Packable
  • High-wicking
  • Quick drying
  • Easy to wash
  • Crease resistant
Technologies +
Functional Features
Secure Pockets x1Secure Pockets x1

Pocket science at Rohan is all about precision and detail of design, but most of all, it’s about keeping your most important stuff safe at times when losing keys, passports and wallet is more than just an inconvenience. We use several different methods – whichever is the most appropriate. Some pockets are completely hidden with micro zips, some are touch and close with roll-over tops and some are high quality zips.


Good design is more often about what to take off than what to put on. And clever design is about giving one feature two functions, that’s why many Rohan garments feature an internal mesh stretch pocket that doubles as a Packpocket™ for easy storage.

Fundamental Principles
Lightweight - Weight: 300gLightweight - Weight: 300g

We were the original lightweight revolutionaries. Back in the 1970’s we realised that cutting weight without losing performance meant that you can take less and do more. Everything we make is engineered to achieve this.

Packable - Pack Size: 1000mlPackable - Pack Size: 1000ml

Low pack size is a benefit whether you’re packing for a day’s walking or for the trip of a lifetime. We continually scrutinise fabric specification and garment construction to minimise the packed size of our clothing. The actual pack size is tested and listed.

Fast Drying - Drying Time: 6 hoursFast Drying - Drying Time: 6 hours

All Rohan clothing is designed to be very fast drying – as much a benefit for unexpected downpours as anything else. It’s easy to wash and often needs no ironing. Almost all garments will dry overnight, meaning you can take less with you. We test every item and list its drying time.

Elemental Protection
Cold - MidCold - Mid

We use man-made technical insulation that offers high levels of thermal efficiency, quick dry times and minimum bulk. We also use the finest goose down for the coldest environments. All materials for cold weather, that carry the warmth icon, are rated Base, Mid, High or Extreme allowing you to select what you need with accuracy.