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Women's Sale T-shirts, Shirts & Fleece
Trekking shirt with sun and insect protection.

Sanctuary Shirt

£40.50 was £65.00
Classic, 100% merino crew-neck pullover.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Crew

£31.05 was £69.00
Performance Linen™ sleeveless shirt, perfect for hot weather.

Malay Shirt

£29.70 was £55.00
A clever, light and ultra-breathable fleece.

Microrib Stowaway Zip

£35.10 was £60.00
Luxuriously soft 100% extrafine merino cardi.

Extrafine Merino Knitted Cover-Up Cardi

£40.50 was £75.00
Lightweight, sporty base layer top.

Fleet T

£24.30 was £39.00
Versatile, stylish shirt with insect protection.

Tian Shirt

£31.50 was £59.00
Technical base-layer or active outdoor top.

Serene T

£18.90 was £35.00
Merino-blend, pointelle base layer.

Merino Union 150 Vest

£22.50 was £37.00
Casual technical top for travel, outdoors and every day.

Stria Top

£26.10 was £39.00
Travel top with Coolant™ fabric technology.

Serenity T

£26.10 was £39.00
Warm, quick-drying fleece jacket.

Coastline Hooded Jacket

£36.90 was £69.00
Technical casual shirt.

Worldview Shirt

£39.60 was £59.00
Lightweight hooded top with insect protection.

Trail Hooded Top

£44.10 was £65.00
Trekking shirt with sun and insect protection.

Sanctuary Shirt

£51.30 was £72.00
Technical, cotton-feel crew neck T.

Essence T

£21.60 was £30.00
Lightweight technical camisole.

Ultra Silver Camisole

£17.10 was £25.00
Technical, merino-blend polo.

Merino Union 150 Polo

£43.20 was £65.00
Lightweight, high-wicking top with contrast back panel.

Miya Top

£17.55 was £49.00
Warm, technical shirt with brushed cotton aesthetic.

Homestead Shirt

£26.10 was £62.00
Cosy, longer-length fleece jacket for travel and everyday.

Isla Jacket

£40.05 was £89.00
Functional jersey-style travel polo.

Stratum Polo

£22.05 was £49.00
Lightweight crew for travel, outdoors and everyday.

Ottoman Crew

£35.10 was £69.00
Lightweight, packable fleece jacket with insulated core.

Spark Fleece Jacket

£62.10 was £99.00
Super-soft technical base-layer for active outdoor wear.

Fleet T

£30.15 was £45.00
Technical, cotton-feel crew neck T.

Essence T

£26.10 was £39.00
Lightweight, waffle effect, crew-neck sweater.

Gridlock Crew

£33.30 was £47.00
Relaxed, casual fleece with a half-zip opening.

Quayside Zip Jumper

£49.50 was £69.00

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