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Durable, insect repellent, stretch trekking trousers.


£40.80 was £85.00
Classic Bags styling in a technical stretch fabric.

Stretch Bags

£38.40 was £69.00
Technical, wool-blend travel dress.

Merino Union Stripe Dress

£31.60 was £79.00
Our best selling versatile women's walking trousers.


£32.80 was £69.00
Insect repellent, convertible, stretch trekking trousers.

Trailblazer Convertible

£45.60 was £95.00
Versatile shorts for walking and active wear.

Roamer Shorts

£31.20 was £62.00
Technical, functional trekking trousers.

Summit Trousers

£49.60 was £89.00
Fleece lined version of our bestselling Roamers.

Winter Roamers

£52.00 was £95.00
Waterproof lined, breathable walking trousers.

Dry Roamers

£47.20 was £99.00
Easycare, linen-blend trousers.

Malay Trousers

£38.80 was £75.00
UV protective, summer-weight travel trousers.

Thai Trousers

£20.80 was £65.00
Technical capri trousers.

Tangier Capri

£31.20 was £65.00
Comfortable, knee-length travel skirt.

Inish Skirt

£23.60 was £59.00
Relaxed, functional trousers for travel and everyday.

Inish Chino

£23.60 was £65.00
Versatile, high-stretch capri trousers.

Pacer Capri

£39.20 was £67.00
Technical, wool-blend travel dress.

Merino Union Dress

£31.60 was £79.00
Technical, tapered ankle-length trousers.

Tangier Trousers Ankle Length

£23.20 was £75.00
Relaxed, maxi length linen-blend dress.

Malay Maxi Dress

£54.40 was £85.00
Travel skirt with Coolant™ fabric technology.

Serenity Skirt

£27.20 was £49.00
Water repellent walking trousers with elasticated, tie waist.


£37.60 was £59.00
Linen-blend shift dress perfect for hot weather.

Malay Shift Dress

£47.20 was £75.00
Technical trousers with insect shield® protection.

Tian Trousers

£27.60 was £69.00
Versatile trousers for active wear.

Crossover Trousers

£27.60 was £69.00
Pull-on, shower resistant walking trousers.


£37.60 was £59.00
Flattering, crease resistant travel dress.

Serenity Dress

£41.60 was £65.00
Linen blend, crease resistant trousers.

Tunis Trousers

£39.20 was £70.00
Pull-on style, smart-casual stretch chino.

Inish Chino

£23.60 was £59.00
Smart casual, linen-blend cropped trousers.

Malay Cropped Trousers

£44.00 was £69.00