Achieving balance between waterproof and breathable.

Creating the right protective shell is about achieving balance between the amount a fabric breathes and how waterproof it is. Stopping water ingress is one thing, allowing vapour and body heat to escape is another.

Turning these two often opposing objectives into a harmonious solution is the constant quest at Rohan and the prize is all day comfort in virtually all conditions.

Our Barricade™ waterproof fabric achieves an initial Hydrostatic Head (waterproofness rating) of 20,000 and a Moisture Vapour Transmission rating for breathability of 20,000 g/m²/24h - a very balanced position.

A further Durable Water Repellency™ finish boosts water repellency of the fabric surface and maintains 80% of its effectiveness after twenty washes.

2-layer Barricade™

A sound choice for complete waterproof protection and good breathability for active outdoor use - but where the very lowest weight and smallest pack size is not critical. Polyamide options offer durability and abrasion resistance.

The Durable Water Repellency™ treated, water repellent face fabric and the waterproof-breathable membrane are bonded together. A loose lining protects the membrane and wicks away moisture.


The addition of a loose liner boosts breathability, protects the membrane and keeps the feel of the outer fabric soft and comfortable.


The addition of a liner marginally extends drying times.

2.5-layer Barricade™

A perfect fabric for an all-round leisure jacket or one for gentle low level walking.

The water repellent face fabric and the waterproof-breathable membrane are bonded together. A partial print is applied to the inside face of the fabric to protect the waterproof membrane.


Flexible and light.

A more economical process than a 3-layer.

Perfect for low intensity activity.


Durability is slightly reduced by replacing the protective scrim with a partial print.

3-layer Barricade™

An investment in a long-term high performing jacket for intense activity offering the lightest weight and the smallest pack size.

The water repellent face fabric and the waterproof-breathable membrane are bonded together with a lightweight wicking scrim - the three layers are sandwiched together.


Lighter than a 2-layer waterproof with a mesh liner. Polyamide face fabrics are tougher and more abrasion resistant.


3-layer fabrics tend to be marginally less flexible.

Dry liner Barricade™

Creates a casual looking, comfortable garment for changeable weather conditions. The waterproof liner is hidden.

These styles are made from a separate, water-repellent outer fabric with a liner. The liner is a bonded waterproof membrane with a lightweight protective scrim.


The drop liner is hidden.

Softer and more flexible than a traditional waterproof.


The outer fabric is only water repellent. In heavy rain the fabric will wet out - including the pockets. The liner still keeps you dry.