In what has been a tumultuous year the last few weeks have felt even more topsy turvy than usual, our Welsh shops reopened, our English shops closed and some Scottish shops closed whilst others did not and though this update was triggered by the planned reopening of our Retail Estate in England it is actually focussed on our fantastic Gift your Gear campaign.

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to the customers that fed back via the survey I sent out last week, your answers were invaluable. For those that did not receive a questionnaire don’t worry I’m sure I’ll ask for your opinion soon, for me opinions are like kitchen gadgets, I already have too many of my own but that doesn’t stop me coveting more.

Based on the answers received I am pleased to say that we will be extending our Gift your Gear campaign period for this year until Sunday the 13th December, this means that our shops will continue to accept donations and offer a 20% discount off of any purchases in return for those donations until then.

Our aim with Gift your Gear is to help as many people as possible experience and enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, something that in our current situation is more important than ever.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon.

Richard Morrison
Head of Retail

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