Bringing adventure closer to home

We ask author, broadcaster, podcaster, adventurer and all-round inspiration Phoebe Smith about the impact of restrictions on her plans in 2020 and bringing adventure closer to home. As we all look forward to greater freedom to roam, we catch up with her on stretch goals for 2021 and beyond.

How was 2020 for you?

As a travel writer and adventurer 2020 was, as you can imagine, particularly tricky... though not impossible. It was all about changing the goals. I had trips overseas booked up from April to October which - one by one - were cancelled - I needed a strategy. So instead I went back to my roots and put on my travel/explorer mindset in my own backyard. I made it my mission to discover a new place to walk near me at least twice a week, and whatever the weather I got out once a day.

I discovered a love for wild swimming I never really had before. I’d tried it a few times but never really enjoyed it, but with all the pools closed and activities limited, after a long walk on a hot day I took the plunge - literally and never looked back... it became my escape from everything and the perfect de-stress. I also dug out my macro lens for my camera and began to focus on the little things I saw on my walks - it’s amazing how many hidden natural wonders exist in a relatively short walk when you have a lens that forces you to focus on the detail. And finally I wrote a TV script for HBO which did really well in the USA on a series called A World of Calm, so I can now add scriptwriter to my list of skills!

Favourite Rohan Garment?

I love my Trail Hooded Top, which I’m wearing in the logo for my Wander Woman podcast. It packs down small, is super comfy to wear on my travels, is impregnated with bug repellent, is amazing as an extra warming layer and washes easy and dries quickly.

Essential bit of kit?

Got to be my podcast recorder - because you never know when or where you might find the next story...

Plans for 2021 and beyond?

Well there’s the question! It all depends what happens with lockdown restrictions. I am still writing - though now about trips done already or UK based travel, I’m putting together more episodes of my Wander Woman Podcast from the sounds I had captured pre-lockdown, to help people dream during this time of tight travel restrictions, and I will be working on selecting young people to work with in the inaugural #WeTwo Foundation expedition to Antarctica with my teammate Dwayne Fields

* Image (left) Myosotis also known as Forget-me-nots

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