I started out with Rohan almost 30 years ago in the Brighton store and since then my career has taken me to manage the shops in Norwich, Cambridge, Covent Garden and Ambleside. From store management I moved up to Area Manager – my patch stretches from Shrewsbury to Inverness and I have no doubt seen many of you in the stores over the years.

Recently I have been lucky to be invited by Design to sit on their range review meetings, representing not only my own view of the range but also as a direct mouthpiece for the feedback I get, both from store visits in my area, and also from the ‘customer feedback’ system that each store has on their tills.

In this capacity I am lucky enough to get the odd item to trial out on the hills (I live in Kendal, therefore a hop and a skip away from the heartland of the brand) and I am so excited to see this Autumn/Winter range out in the stores – there are some great brand staples and the return of a few old friends from the past (in a new guise).

Here are a couple of my top picks for the new season...

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