Dependability when it’s needed most
Rohan Shirts proving themselves in Puerto Rico

Dependability when it’s needed most

I live and work in Puerto Rico. After getting hit by two hurricanes in a row, the island has suffered horribly. For over 30 days I had no power or water and many continue to struggle.

Yet the people of Puerto Rico are amazing, they get up every day and push through and make a difference. I am glad to say many parts are getting back to normal and we continue to work hard to make a difference.

At the time of the hurricane I was working with private and public agencies, doing what we can to help hurricane victims.

A few days after the Hurricane Maria, I was meeting with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Coast Guard working on getting supplies out to the harder hit area of the island. Someone asked me about my shirt and commented on how I always had a clean shirt. It was clean, seemed cool, and lightweight. He was wearing a cotton shirt that had started showing stains (sweat) and also began to smell. Without a washing machine, his cotton shirts would take forever to dry. Some had already suffered from smell and mildew. 

I told him about Rohan and that the shirt did not have any cotton, he could not believe it. It felt like lightweight cotton. I mentioned it had traces of silver to help kill bacteria, quick dry and did not need ironing. They dry in just over an hour.

Rohan shirts have certainly proved themselves in Puerto Rico. No electricity, limited water, humid and hot. Yet it takes only a few minutes to wash my shirts, hang them and let them dry in just over an hour.

These shirts are great for business, casual wear, travel/trekking, even hard labour (fixed a cistern in the hot sun wearing my Rohan).

I am a huge fan and 99% of the time you will only find me in my Rohan shirt.

Thank you.

Michael (Rohan customer)

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