Gear is the only thing you can control

In Jordan, the place to visit is Petra. It’s something special in the world. However, if you have ticked that box and have more time in the area, I want to highlight a hidden gem - Jaresh.

A 45-minute drive (approx.) North of Amman you’ll find a Roman site that is set up for a half day visit, but the real key to Jaresh is the rough and ready show, generally on in the morning. Here a handful of Roman soldiers demonstrate battle techniques with a voice over that is almost Mr. Bean inspired.

Then it’s the turn of a few gladiator fights where you, the audience, decide should they live or die... I was shocked at just how much I felt involved and after saving the first fighter, we immediately killed the second for lack of effort. Finally, a couple of chariots sweep around the Stadium, Ben-Hur style.

At the end you can have your photos taken with the soldiers but do not touch their swords! This is not Disney or a swish Broadway show, but basic, rough, and small scale. But, it is historically very interesting and something about it just works.

So, if you are in Jordan, have done Petra then consider Jerash. You can always buy your spices, dates and nuts in the markets back in Amman during the afternoon. Oh, and watch out for the taxi prices. Our hotel taxi wanted 40 each way, on the street it was 20 and Uber was 11.50... if you could get one. Some things are common around the world, including taxi price rip offs!

My Rohan gear that I loved on this trip was my Fenland Shirt. I looked smart at breakfast in a slightly upmarket hotel, yet it was able to perform brilliantly in the heat of the sun. The perfect balance for me between style and substance. The gear I failed to have was good shoes, I’ve worn mine a bit thin and on the cobble stones it’s hard going.

Thanks again Rohan for all the great stuff you produce, you help me travel well.

About our contributor

Hi, I’m known as “A” and I’m just like you. When I travel, I want more than the average tourist. In New York I go up the Rockefeller because I know it will give me the best view of the Empire State building and Manhattan. When I am in China and I get to the Great Wall, I turn right at the stairs, not left, because I know that route is less congested and therefore better for photos.

I’m not a great explorer like Sir Ranulph Fiennes, or Bear Grylls, but like you, I travel and want to always see more. I love Rohan gear because it offers the style and substance, not that I want - but what I need. In some ways those that travel know that your gear is the only thing you can control, so at least get that bit right. 

Life’s an adventure, grab it with both hands.


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