The Húsavík is the definitive cold weather coat.

Thindown® Insulation

Thindown® insulation is our newest and most innovative insulation. The genius of Thindown® technology is that it eliminates the need for quilting and baffles. It does this by using Mother Nature’s best insulator, down, and compresses it into a thin sheet of wadding bordered with a superfine scrim.

Traditional ‘puffer’ jackets are made with pockets of down held in place with stitching. The evenness of spread achieved by Thindown® means that the cold spots created by the traditional construction are removed – evenly distributing warmth across the body and diminishing down migration.

This technology means jackets can be thinner, lighter and more thermally efficient. Thindown® is also easycare, machine washable and more robust in damp conditions than traditional down.

Using this innovative insulation in our Húsavík Jacket along with our 3-layer Barricade™ technology makes it quite possibly the best winter jacket around. It’s everything we know about winter in one jacket.

The Húsavík is the definitive cold weather coat.

Made with innovative Thindown® insulation, it offers all the thermal efficiency of down but in a thin sheet of wadding, reducing weight, bulk, cold spots and fibre migration as well as making it easycare. Our 3-layer Barricade™ technology, completes the jacket making it totally wind and waterproof on the outside whilst keeping you incredibly warm on the inside.

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