Let Nature Sing with the RSPB

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) released a charity song in April this year to highlight Britain’s declining bird numbers. This song featuring purely the sounds of birds, soared to number 18 in the UK top 40 chart. This was then followed up by the launch of the RSPB Birdsong Radio app.

‘Let Nature Sing’ features the song of 25 different threatened and endangered UK birds and among those most at risk are corncrakes, turtle doves, cuckoos, skylarks and nightingales. Currently there are 67 species on the charity’s ‘red list’ of globally threatened species in severe decline.

Now the RSPB wants to go even bigger.

On Thursday 17 October 2019, the RSPB is calling on people, businesses, offices, museums and public spaces up and down the country to sign up to play an RSPB soundscape to their staff, customers and community groups during the day with the collective aim of filling the UK with the sound of birdsong.

Birdsong can make a difference to everyone’s day, lifting moods and relieving stress. By protecting nature, we can make the UK a happier and healthier place to live.

Rohan is fully on board with this and if you visit one of our stores (we have over 50 nationwide) on 17 October, you’ll hear beautiful birdsong as you browse our new Autumn/Winter collection. This emotive sound will remind us all of our deep connection to nature and the natural world.

Give nature a voice and help us raise awareness of the actions we can all take to make a difference.

If you use social media, join in with us and the RSPB using the hashtag #LetNatureSing.


WIN a Fellside Jacket & Rite in the Rain Notebook

To celebrate #LetNatureSing Day on 17 October, we’re giving you a chance to win a Fellside Jacket, new for Autumn / Winter 2019, and a Rite in the Rain Notebook. All you need to do is correctly guess the bird featured in the sound clip we’ve tweeted over on Twitter. A retweet will gain you an additional entry! Follow @Rohantime and enter.

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