Winners announced!

Spending time outdoors has never been so important in keeping us healthy. To help get you outside this winter we offered you the chance to win one of three fantastic sets of prizes in our latest competition. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our competition! We were absolutely blown away by the quality and standard of entries sent in by you all, so congratulations to everyone that did enter. After a lot of deliberation we have chosen the winners of our #RethinkRohan Competition...

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⭐️ First Place! And the winner is....Andy Ward. Congratulations! ⭐️

First place goes to Andy Ward as his wife has now completed over 1000 miles of walking since we went into lockdown in March. Congratulations on both completing your challenge and winning our competition. "Yesterday my wife completed 1000 miles of walking since the original lockdown in March. To celebrate this milestone I took this photo of her by a waterfall on the Cromford canal (Derbyshire). She is wearing her Rohan Cloudscape Jacket (and lots of other Rohan layers underneath). "

⭐️ Second Place! And the winner is....Peter Clinch. Congratulations! ⭐️

Second place winner goes to Peter Clinch who dedicated his lunch times at work to getting outdoors! "Just 10 minutes dander from my work over lunch, so even limited to the local area of a big hospital there's "out there" worth visiting. (And my work clothes can do outdoors no problem, of course...)"

⭐️ Third Place! And the winner is....Ian Homewood. Congratulations! ⭐️

Third place goes to Ian Homewood who loves the outdoors as much as we do! "Somebody once said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. I think they must have been a Rohan customer! My wife and I have never been 'brand animals', but since discovering Rohan we won't touch any other make of outdoor clothes. We have built up a collection which ensures, no matter the weather, we can walk up mountains, perform conservation work or wander around the village, without getting cold, wet or (occasionally) too hot. Somebody else once said "It does what it says on the tin." He could also have been a Rohan customer."

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