Mud, mayhem and giant mushrooms. And of course rain. Since my first Glastonbury in 1990, rain has fallen like liquid sunshine. Very occasionally the sun might bake the festival and we could sit out in the grass, read stories and play in Kid’s Field with our toddler children, but that was rare.

By 1998 we had become hardened festival goers and were well capable of coping with the record-breaking floods and mayhem that year. Wellington boots were sucked off our feet in the deep endless oceans of mud and settees floated in the fields still occupied by blissed out hipsters. There were the smells, the flags, the crazy dancing ’til dawn, the circus fun, and of course, music from the spheres swirling in the air for four full days. What saved me?

My poncho not only saved me from mud and torrential rain despair, but worked in a way no other item of clothing could work under such duress! It became my portable shelter, my ground mat when no dry grass remained, my private world inside which I was comfortable and invulnerable to outside weather events. In short, it was indispensable.

Nothing will protect you like a poncho. It’s perfect for nature watchers, outdoor photographers and festival goers. It off ers far greater protection than an umbrella and greater versatility than a regular waterproof jacket – our totally waterproof Ridge Poncho is an incredibly useful item for the traveller or outdoor enthusiast. Naturally, it’s not perfect for everything but in certain situations – think tropical rainforests, long waits birdwatching in rainy Britain and summer festivals – a cape is the ideal way to keep yourself and your most precious kit dry.

It uses 2.5-layer Barricade™ which makes it over ten times as waterproof as the British Standard. It’s also very breathable, and when you combine this with the natural airflow you get with a poncho, you have unrivalled comfort on the wettest days. The large kangaroo pocket at the front uses a top quality YKK Aquaguard™ zip, as does the chest zip that’ll give extra ventilation if you need it, and easy off and on. The hood is a proper adjustable one and snappers along the side allow you to adjust the fi t easily. And because this is a Rohan poncho it is designed to fi t in rather than stand out.

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