The Two Blondes’ Lockdown Lowdown
Virtual mountain climbing, GYO veggies and walking a secret message.

Two Blondes Walking, aka Lucy Atkins (Blonde One) and Fi Darby (Blonde Two), need no introduction to those who are familiar with everything ‘outdoor’, Dartmoor’s Ten Tors Challenge, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Ordnance Survey (they’ve been OS #GetOutside champions for a five years now).

The duo met through their shared love of expedition work with young people and training youngsters. “February camps on Dartmoor weren’t uncommon and we soon realised, as the only two female leaders, that sharing a tent was going to be much warmer (and more fun) than sleeping alone,” Lucy said.

Their friendship was cemented through this expedition work, and so they decided to share their adventures with the world. It was then that Two Blondes Walking was born. Since then, you may have seen them appear on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Favourite Walks: Top 100’ (#100Walks), Channel Four’s ‘Devon and Cornwall’, local radio and BBC Breakfast and at BBC’s Countryfile Live and the South West Outdoor Festival.

That’s just a slice of what this pair get up to. You can delve further into what they get up to on The Two Blondes’ website. In the meantime, we’ve picked out some great ideas the ladies have shared recently in response to the current social distancing measures. They’re certainly thinking outside the box with these…

Walk a secret message

They may be temporarily separated, but The Two Blondes have come up with a way to stay connected and have fun using the OS maps app. Staying local to their homes, they decided to walk the shape of their Blonde initials and record the route.

Have a read of their top tips for your own secret message walking.

GYO vegetables at home

Blonde Two Fi says, “Seed-watching is far more fun than news-watching, especially at the moment.”

“My vegetable garden is helping to relieve some of my current worries so hopefully having a go at it will do the same for you, and who knows, you might end up with some delicious dinners as a result,” she adds.

Read more from Blonde Two on ‘Borage Johnson’ and what you’ll need to grow your own veggies at home.

Climb Cad-Stair Idris

We’ve seen plenty of people thinking up ingenious ways to get their outdoor fix at home, including Justin Miles who climbed Mount Snowdon in his garden. Blonde Two is one of those people.

Her nemesis is Cadair Idris in Snowdonia. Attempted two ascents from two different directions – failed to reach the summit. So, positive pants on (likely Troggings), in week one of UK lockdown, she went for it again over the course of a week – and succeeded – but not in the usual way, no. Hence ‘Cad-STAIR Idris.’

Do try this at home.

Your outside inside

If you’ve walked a secret message, are growing your own vegetables at home or using your stairs as your virtual mountain, let us know on Twitter @rohantime and @BlondesTwo.

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