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Though the restrictions imposed on travel are keeping us close to home, the opportunity to travel is virtually ever present.

To quote Paul Theroux “Travel is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with existence or the exotic. It is always an inner experience”

That statement could not be truer this month, as we while away another lockdown.

And yet unlike any other era, we are free (even when locked down) to travel the world, to see the sights and visit places of interest. Our access to the web enables us, engages us and enrages us – but the latter is a different story all together!

We thought we would take a virtual weekend trip to Paris, not so far off, not so exotic, but a jewel in the crown of European cities and only a hop and a skip away from all corners of our isles.

Firstly we have an 8 minute train ride from Glasgow to London Euston – we are getting on in Oxenholme, we hope to the see you in the buffet car.

From then a short walk along Euston Road, passing the British Library (saying a quick hello to Newton, and William Blake).  From then we enter Kings Cross/St Pancras and take the underwater train to France!

Ah, Gare Du Nord – no time to waste.  Head down to catch the RER B to Chatelet - Les Halles.  We have a bit of a walk from here, around 800m – but that 10 minutes always stretches out, time for a coffee and some people watching.  We are in Paris now – so close to the Seine, the Ponts Des Arts – time to take time!

The Louvre has many an online exhibition – we are off for an aimless wander.

It has been a long day (virtually!), and time to head to the hotel in Montmartre.

We'd suggest we walk, and take in the city – as we are “Rohanists” we should be dressed for the weather (whatever the weather) and light on our feet.

If we leave from head towards the mighty Pont Neuf we should see the construction work on Notre Dame – we'd suggest we pop into La Samaritaine for a little retail therapy (or just to dream the dream of couture extravagance).  Though it has been closed for renovation for what is fast approaching a couple of decades…

After we have wandered the streets, meandered and made our way to the bottom of the steps that lead to the Sacre Coeur we should part company – off to the hotel for a shower and meet for aperitif and a meal out.

We have a few suggestions for the menu (and a couple of recipe ideas if you want to add a taste of the Tourist Menu in Paris)!

Download recipe for Tartare d’avocat et légumes

Download recipe for Courgette farcie aux champignons

Download recipe for Tarte aux pommes

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