Walk 500 miles before the year’s out starting this summer?

You really can! And it’ll feel amazing.

This summer may be subject to some uncertainties, so pin your hopes on at least one incredible dream that can definitely come true. Start a quest to walk 500 miles and guarantee you’ll bring something epic home from this holiday season.

Not just a medal and that magical number, but a fitter body, happier mind and the all-round positivity that’s the foundation of our resilience. There’s a free Progress Chart for you to log your miles on – it’ll turbo-charge your mile-munching and turn every scrap of time into pleasure and purpose. It’s a fantastic way to start making fuller use of the best gym in the world and walking has time and again been revealed to be the best all-round exercise you can do – strengthening bones, boosting energy and mental function, keeping the most annoying and the most serious ailments at bay, and just bringing out the happiest, healthiest, glowingest version of you. Let’s walk 500 miles!

Photo credit: Chris Orange, West Sussex

What previous 500-milers said

87% said they feel more confident and capable than before.

97% said it made a big difference to how well they feel.

98% felt much happier as a result of the challenge

How to take part

1 Go to www.walk1000miles.co.uk/500mileschart. Here you can find out how many miles a day you need to average to reach 500 miles before the end of the year using our instant calculator. You can also download and print progress tracker charts. (Use the built-in Health app or OS Maps on your phone, or your wrist-mounted activity tracker to count your miles.)

2 Register at the challenge parent site to receive our monthly newsletter.

3 Join the community – either the smaller, or the bigger umbrella group.

Get your stunning medal Solid 5mm thick metal, 3D and comes with your Completer Certificate! £9.99 here.

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