Avon Tyrrell, The New Forest Avon Tyrrell, The New Forest

Avon Tyrrell

Avon Tyrrell

Avon Tyrell is a leading outdoors activity centre in the New Forest National Park, run by the charity UK Youth. The dedicated team at Avon Tyrell support young people to reach their full potential through outdoor activities from archery to climbing, mountain biking and raft building. Avon Tyrrell is home to the UK Youth National Charity and the work that they do in the New Forest is only a small part of the wider work of the charity and the opportunities they provide for young people. UK Youth is a leading national charity that annually helps to empower 700,000 young people to reach their full potential.

Over 40 activities are available to schools, youth groups and families. Their inclusion weekends offer families who have a child with a disability an opportunity to come away together as a family (often for the first time) and experience outdoor adventure. The centre also trains the next generation of outdoor instructors on its apprenticeships scheme.

Some of the Rohan team visited the Avon Tyrrell group. The enthusiasm that some of the young people have was a real eye-opener and their passion for the outdoors was striking. When the team arrived, laden with Gift Your Gear boxes the Young Leaders were quick to help sort through the kit and show how brilliant their product knowledge was.

When asked, one member said 'The price of outdoor gear means we only go window shopping. We can only dream about some of the kit and we spend all of our time outdoors. Having a kit room with nearly new gear will make a big difference.'

To find out more about Avon Tyrrell, please visit avontyrrell.org.uk

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