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Through our Gift Your Gear initiative we collect donations of useable outdoor kit and distribute these to community organisations, youth groups and charities working in the great outdoors across the UK.

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Beneficiaries Agreement

By agreeing to the below statements and registering your interest in becoming a Gift Your Gear beneficiary, you agree to be bound by these terms.

Kit Disclaimer *

Rohan cannot ensure that all kit donated through our Gift Your Gear initiative is in a useable and working condition. It is the responsibility of the organisation concerned to ensure the kit sent to them is fit for purpose before use.

Gift Your Gear Beneficiaries Criteria *

Through our Gift Your Gear initiative we provide useable, pre-loved outdoor kit to meaningful causes across the UK. This kit should be reused for its original purpose, such as outdoor walking or camping activities, and cannot be resold.

Priority will be given to organisations that have, or that intend to establish, a kit pool, as this helps to extend the life of the outdoor kit and to ensure maximum benefit is derived from the donations.

By registering as a beneficiary of Rohan’s Gift Your Gear initiative, you agree to help promote the scheme through your social media channels and local press*, and to provide us with regular content for our own website and social media channels. Content may be requested on a quarterly basis in a format specified by Rohan, including photos, comments, testimonials, feedback and the occasional interview.

Press content will require approval before publishing.

Your Information *

Our customers and staff love to hear where their donations to our Gift Your Gear initiative are being sent. By registering, you accept that we are able to share with the Rohan community that you are a beneficiary of this scheme.

As part of our communications to customers and staff, we may use all information provided to us in this form in order to communicate our relationship, as well as the regular content you have agreed to share as part of this agreement.

By filling in this form you agree to our Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy.

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