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Manchester Youth Zone

Manchester Youth Zone

The Manchester Youth Zone (formerly Factory Youth Zone) is a charity run state of the art youth centre providing a unique safe place for young people aged 8-21 years from across Manchester. The group welcomes almost 1,000 young people each week and aims to provide opportunities to make constructive use of their leisure time, raise their aspirations and choose a positive, independent lifestyle.

The ward in which The Youth Zone sits, ranks second worst in England for the effect of long term deprivation on children. Many young people in the area are vulnerable to poor educational attainment and future employability and also to developing offending behaviour.

“Without the clothing from Gift Your Gear, the children and young people of Manchester Youth Zone would be unable to take part in outdoor activities, especially in the winter months.  A lot of our members are financially disadvantaged and could never afford the quality clothing we get donated from Gift Your Gear”

Your donated kit has enabled young people to take on new challenges and the group recently took part in a trip to Mount Snowdon in difficult weather conditions. Being involved in this type of activity helps young people to build confidence, develop important life skills and work as part of a team.

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