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23 Elvet Bridge

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Monday 9:30 - 17:00
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Saturday 9:30 - 17:00
Sunday Closed

Rohan Durham is located in the heart of the beautiful City. Durham is renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprising Durham Cathedral and Castle and the buildings between them. Like Hadrian’s Wall and the Angel of the North, it is an icon of northeast England.

Store manager, Rohan Durham
Rohan Durham - Outdoor Clothes & Travel Gear

Local Knowledge

The old centre of Durham, with the magnificent cathedral perched high above the River Wear, is a truly wonderful sight. It boasts 600 listed buildings including Crook Hall, Kingsgate Bridge, Elvet Bridge and the Town Hall. The Indoor Market is a popular shopping location and no visit to Durham is complete without a trip to Durham University Botanic Garden which is set across approximately 25 acres of mature woodland in the south of the city. A tranquil retreat!

The area surrounding Durham includes some fine, unspoilt countryside and landscapes, with plenty of wide-open spaces and charming villages full of character. Within the city, visitors can explore a number of historic buildings, museums and galleries, plus – the area is host to many local festivals, shows, fairs and concerts throughout the year.

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