Anywear Belt

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Made from tough, quick-drying webbing with a robust quick-release buckle.

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Colour: Black
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The Full Story+

Our Anywear Belt is lightweight, durable, quick drying and comfortable.

 And, because the buckle is made from polycarbonate, it won’t set off the metal detectors when you’re passing through airline security. 

Fabric: Nylon webbing

Lightweight - Weight: 10g
Lightweight - Weight: 10g

We were the original lightweight revolutionaries. Back in the 1970’s we realised that cutting weight without losing performance meant that you can take less and do more. Everything we make is engineered to achieve this.

Features at a Glance+
  • Tough, quick-drying webbing belt.
  • Webbing width 1”.
  • Nylon quick-release buckle.
  • Nickel and metal free.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Durable.
  • Packable.
  • High wicking.
  • Quick drying.
  • Easy to wash.
Size Guide+
Webbing width 2.5cm/1

Unisex Anywear Belt


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Simon Butterworth
Age: 56-60
Purpose: With Bags in all weathers/circumstances.
Length you've had item: Newest about 6 months, oldest 30+ years.
Reviewed: March 2020

Does What it Says


I've been using the Rangefinder and its predecessors back to my first bags in 1987. Like others say hard wearing quick to dry and washes well. The present colour choices are a bit tame; had them in red, orange and turquoise before. Actually, oldest of them is bright purple and dates to around 1990. Still goes well with grey/silver bags and a blue check shirt.

Always buy the long one, cut to size and seal the end in flame to stop fraying.

Steve Bell
Age: 41-45
Purpose: General travel purposes, including hiking and trekking.
Length you've had item: First one purchased over five years ago - I now have three.
Reviewed: September 2019

Good Travel Belt


The Anywear Belt is a good belt for travel – very light and strong. It can be washed and dried quickly and rain water just splashes off.

Initially I was dubious of a travel belt like this – at first glance it did not look particularly substantial or durable. However, I have been converted as it is so useful when hiking or trekking to have such a light and compact belt – so light and compact you can even bring two of them.

Although the Anywear Belt is effective, personally I prefer the Rangefinder Belt – the buckle seems a bit stronger.

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