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Men's Expedition Shirt

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The perfect shirt for those with a pioneering spirit: a high performance expedition shirt, managing the demands of heat, sun and biting insects.

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Colour: Sandstone
  • Sandstone
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The Full Story+

Discover your frontier spirit with this rugged trekking shirt.

It’s made from a blend of durable polyamide and quick-drying polyester, engineered with a soft, cotton hand-feel, yet offers robust performance. Our technical Expedition Shirt has also been treated with Insect Shield®, a process which bonds Permethrin into the fabric converting clothing into long-lasting, effective and convenient insect protection.

The relaxed, comfortable fit increases air circulation around the body. If the going gets really hot, the short sleeves adjust to an even shorter length with tabs, and the hem provides enough length to tuck in but still looks presentable when worn un-tucked or for greater ventilation.

Dynamic Moisture Control™ provides effective wicking to prevent stickiness, and the UPF 40+ sun protection* rating minimises the risk of sunburn.

Finally, there’s a hanging loop and Dryloops™ feature, so you can hang the Expedition Shirt up to dry overnight, wherever you are.

*A Note on Sun Protection
All Rohan garments carrying our sun protection icon have been tested in accordance with recognised international standards for ultraviolet radiation protection. Garments are awarded a rating of UPF 40+. Protection may be significantly reduced with extended wear or if the garment is stretched or wet. Any associated UV risks will vary according to individual skin type or medical history.

*A Note on Insect Shield®
Insect Shield® technology converts clothing into convenient, comfortable and effective protection against biting insects. Each Insect Shield® labelled garment is treated with Permethrin, an invisible an odourless ingredient which protects against insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges. The treatment is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibres that it retains effectiveness through the expected life of the product – well beyond the limits of most fabric finishes.

Fabric: 71% polyamide, 29% polyester.
Weight: 250g
Pack Size: 580ml
Drying Time: 3 hours

Features at a Glance+
  • Expedition shirt with UV and insect protection.
  • Fabric: 71% polyamide, 29% polyester.
  • Dynamic Moisture Control™ wicking treatment.
  • Insect Shield® protects covered skin by reducing insect landings and bites.
  • Sun Protection UPF 40+ (protection may be reduced with wear or if stretched or wet).
  • Two chest pockets with button closures.
  • Large zipped security pocket behind left chest pocket.
  • Adjustable, roll-up sleeve tabs.
  • Dryloops™ inside hem for easy hanging after washing.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Packable.
  • High wicking.
  • Quick drying.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Crease resistant.
Elemental Protection
Heat - Keep CoolHeat - Keep Cool

Keeping comfortable in the heat can be harder than keeping warm in the cold. Comfort strategies are limited. We choose the right weight of fabrics, employ Airflow™ weaves and use Dynamic Moisture Control™ technology.

Sun - UPF 40+Sun - UPF 40+

We pioneered the testing of fabric for UV penetration in the UK over fifteen years ago. The health risks are now, of course, more widely recognised. All Rohan fabrics for hot weather, that carry the sun icon, are tested for their Ultraviolet Protection Factor and rated UPF 40+.

Functional Features
Secure Pockets x1Secure Pockets x1

Pocket science at Rohan is all about precision and detail of design, but most of all, it’s about keeping your most important stuff safe at times when losing keys, passports and wallet is more than just an inconvenience. We use several different methods – whichever is the most appropriate. Some pockets are completely hidden with micro zips, some are touch and close with roll-over tops and some are high quality zips.

Minimum Layer ConstructionMinimum Layer Construction

By painstakingly stripping out unnecessary fabric and avoiding the common practice of double fabric panels we gain many advantages. The clothing is lighter and less bulky as well as quicker drying and more breathable. And because our fabrics are super tough, functionality can be improved by stripping away anything that doesn’t really need to be there.

Our Technologies
Dynamic Moisture ControlDynamic Moisture Control

Our Dynamic Moisture Control™ finish is a permanent, wicking treatment that rapidly spreads moisture, such as sweat, over a wide surface area of the fabric. This ensures the garment dries more quickly and you stay more comfortable - even in the hottest and most humid conditions.

Anti Insect - Insect ShieldAnti Insect - Insect Shield

This permethrin-based treatment is invisible, odourless and impairs the ability of insects including mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, fleas, chiggers and midges to land, and so reduces bites. It’s extremely durable too – and is designed to last for the lifetime of the product.

Fundamental Principles
Lightweight - Weight: 250gLightweight - Weight: 250g

We were the original lightweight revolutionaries. Back in the 1970’s we realised that cutting weight without losing performance meant that you can take less and do more. Everything we make is engineered to achieve this.

Packable - Pack Size: 580mlPackable - Pack Size: 580ml

Low pack size is a benefit whether you’re packing for a day’s walking or for the trip of a lifetime. We continually scrutinise fabric specification and garment construction to minimise the packed size of our clothing. The actual pack size is tested and listed.

Fast Drying - Drying Time: 3 hoursFast Drying - Drying Time: 3 hours

All Rohan clothing is designed to be very fast drying – as much a benefit for unexpected downpours as anything else. It’s easy to wash and often needs no ironing. Almost all garments will dry overnight, meaning you can take less with you. We test every item and list its drying time.

Size Guide+
Smart, crease-resistant, quick-drying travel shirt.
Shirt length 30"/76cm
Measurement based on Men's Medium

Mens Expedition Shirt

Mens Size Guide

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Steve Bell
Age: 41-45
Purpose: Jungle trekking in Borneo, wildlife safaris in East and Southern Africa.
Length you've had item: Five shirts over many years, most recent purchased last week.

Like Being In A Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan Movie!!


Wearing the short sleeve Expedition Shirt makes you feel like you are the colonials James Parker (C. Aubrey Smith) or Harry Holt (Neil Hamilton) in the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies (well, almost).

A mix of polyamide and polyester, it can be washed and dried in a couple of hours. No ironing is required – this shirt is designed to be used in the jungle (literally).

There are two chest pockets with button closures, and a useful large zipped pocket behind one of the chest pockets – lots of space to securely hold important items. And the adjustable roll-up sleeve tabs can make the sleeves even shorter, providing more ventilation so you feel cooler and fresher. It is amazing this shirt weighs only 250g with all these features.

I have never been 100% convinced about the Sun Protection UPF 40+ and Insect Shield technologies (as authentic and effective as they may well be), as in reality you can use your own sun cream and insect spray when in tropical conditions. But the unquestionable quality of this shirt is it’s durability and longevity. I have five of them, and they have remained remarkably fresh after many years of regular use. When the material brushes against plants, trees or rocks, it does not rip or fray.

I have worn this shirt in some very hot, humid, tropical and inhospitable places – including for orangutan viewing in the rainforests of Borneo (Indonesia) and wildlife safaris in East and Southern Africa. If you want to channel your inner-Tarzan, the Expedition Shirt is for you.

Age: 66-70
Purpose: Summer wear
Length you've had item: About a Month

First Rate and Practical...


Bought in Pimento Orange. Like PJ before, it wears extremely comfortably. Amazingly gets a lot of positive

Comments from people. Something I don’t normally experience. Good array of pockets. Just very practical and stylish.

Age: Over 70
Purpose: Summer travelling and walking
Length you've had item: Pimento a few weeks, other colours years

Great Expedition Shirt


I have a number of these in short (my preference) and long sleeve versions, some with Velcro on the pockets and others with a button. Like many other Rohan clothes they do not wear out or seem to suffer from the vagaries of life. They are my ‘go to’ as the weather warms up. Those pockets are good for a passport, a phone or wallet if traveling light. Just got the new colour Pimento Orange and it looks good.

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