Travel Bags

Ultralight 18L packable rucksack.

Stowaway Daypack 18

Lightweight, packable 50L duffel bag.

Stowaway Duffel 50

Ultralight 8L shoulder bag.

Stowaway Daybag 8

Wadded laptop and tablet carry case.

Rohan Organiser

Slim, cross-body, multi-pocket bag.

Transit 10

Eagle Creek - rugged 105 litre rolling kit bag.

Flashpoint Rolling Duffel Large

Eagle Creek - large 110 litre duffel bag.

No Matter What Duffel Large

Eagle Creek - extra large 133 litre duffel bag.

No Matter What Duffel XL

Durable, ultralight carry bag with pouch.

Self-Pack Carry Bag

Eagle Creek - ultra-light 90 litre duffel.

Cargo Hauler Duffel 90L/L

Ultralight 14L shoulder bag.

Stowaway Daybag 14

Eagle Creek - sturdy backpack with multiple carry options.

Gear Hauler

Eagle Creek - 30L wheeled carry on that converts to a backpack.

Expanse Convertible International Carry On

Packable, lightweight 41L duffel.

Packable Duffel

Lightweight 18L tote that converts to a backpack.

Packable Tote/Pack

Versatile 25l carry-on bag.

Freelance 37

Eagle Creek - Versatile crossbody bag.

Wayfinder Crossbody

Eagle Creek - Durable, heavy-duty, 90l duffel bag.

Eagle Migrate Duffel 90 Litre

Eagle Creek - Durable, heavy-duty, 60l duffel bag.

Eagle Migrate Duffel 60 Litre

Eagle Creek - Durable, 40l duffel bag great for weekend breaks.

Eagle Migrate Duffel 40 Litre


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