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Women's Trail Shawl

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UV and insect protection all wrapped up in a stylish shawl. It's versatile, looks good and will help to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

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Colour: Damson Marl
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The Full Story+

Mosquitoes and other biting insects can really spoil your trip.

This versatile shawl is a stylish and practical way to keep unwelcome visitors at bay.

The secret ingredient in Insect Shield® is permethrin. The treatment is so tightly bonded to the fibres of the fabric it will offer protection against insects throughout the expected life of the product.

The material also has a useful sun protection rating* of UPF 40+ so you can shield your neck, arms and shoulders from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s high wicking too, so when your activity level increases or the temperature rises, it’ll help you stay cooler and more comfortable for longer. And if you're sat around the camp fire or watching the stars at night, it'll ward off the evening chill and the threat of biting insects.

The Trail Shawl will take up no room in your suitcase, it’s fast wicking and dries in a flash. The perfect travel companion for any trip.

*A Note on Sun Protection

All Rohan garments carrying our sun protection icon have been tested in accordance with recognised international standards for ultraviolet radiation protection. Garments which meet the required standard are awarded a rating of UPF 40+. Protection may be significantly reduced with extended wear or if the garment is stretched or wet. Any associated UV risks will vary according to individual skin type or medical history.

*A Note on Insect Shield®

Insect Shield® technology converts clothing into convenient, comfortable and effective protection against biting insects. Each Insect Shield® labelled garment is treated with Permethrin, an invisible an odourless ingredient which protects against insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges. The treatment is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibres that it retains effectiveness through the expected life of the product – well beyond the limits of most fabric finishes.

Fabric: 88% polyester 12% elastane with Dynamic Moisture Control™.
Weight: 145g
Pack Size: 380ml
Drying Time: 2 hours

Features at a Glance+
  • Cover up shawl with UV and insect protection.
  • FABRIC: 88% polyester 12% elastane with Dynamic Moisture Control™.
  • Insect shield® protects covered skin against insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges.
  • Sun protection UPF 40+ (protection may be reduced with wear or if stretched or wet)
  • Multi use.
  • Size approx. 200cm x 48cm.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easycare.
  • Durable.
  • Packable.
  • High wicking.
  • Quick drying.
  • Crease resistant.
Fundamental Principles
Lightweight - Weight: 145gLightweight - Weight: 145g

We were the original lightweight revolutionaries. Back in the 1970’s we realised that cutting weight without losing performance meant that you can take less and do more. Everything we make is engineered to achieve this.

Packable - Pack Size: 380mlPackable - Pack Size: 380ml

Low pack size is a benefit whether you’re packing for a day’s walking or for the trip of a lifetime. We continually scrutinise fabric specification and garment construction to minimise the packed size of our clothing. The actual pack size is tested and listed.

Fast Drying - Drying Time: 2 hoursFast Drying - Drying Time: 2 hours

All Rohan clothing is designed to be very fast drying – as much a benefit for unexpected downpours as anything else. It’s easy to wash and often needs no ironing. Almost all garments will dry overnight, meaning you can take less with you. We test every item and list its drying time.


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