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Women's Elite Waterproof Jacket

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Super-lightweight, rip stop nylon and a breathable Barricade™ layer makes the Elite Jacket one of our lightest waterproof jackets for active outdoor and travel use.

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The Full Story+

The Elite jacket is one of Rohan's defining products. It sums up our mission to provide maximum performance with minimum weight and uses high-tech fabrics combined with clever design. It's really light and weighs in at just 250grams.

To make sure it continues to deliver the kind of long and faithful service our customers have come to expect from Rohan products we've constructed it from a resilient 60gm triple layer mini rip-stop fabric, seam-sealed for complete waterproof protection. In conjunction with its tried and tested breathable Barricade™ membrane this gives the Elite Jacket serious weather-stopping performance.

All this technology packed into a high performance featherweight package makes it the perfect take-along for hillwalking, biking or commuting.

The hood features our One-Pull™ concept and cinches, as you might expect, with one simple pull. You'll be glad of this if you suddenly emerge from the lee of a hill into the brunt of a westerly and need to keep the elements out. It has a stiffened and wired peak to provide unimpeded vision and to help you angle it against the rain. It can also be rolled down when not in use and secured into position by passing the tab inside the collar through the fabric loop on the back of the hood. The hem and sleeve cuffs are also adjustable to allow you to fine tune the fit and limit any wind-chill.

On the outside, there’s two zipped hand pockets set quite high so they don't interfere with a ruck sack waist strap and they're made with an internal bellows construction- this means they have the capacity to swallow an OS map or a pair of gloves. On the inside, there’s a zipped security pocket to help protect your valuables and this doubles up as a Packpocket™ enabling you to pack down the jacket into a tiny bundle so it can be kept in your bag as a ‘just in case’ measure should the weather take a turn for the worse.


Our barricade™ waterproof technology achieves an initial Hydrostatic Head (waterproofness rating) of 20,000 and a Moisture Vapour Transmission rating for breathability of 20,000 g/m2/24h - a very balanced position.

A further Durable Water Repellency™ finish boosts water repellency of the fabric surface and maintains 80% of its effectiveness after twenty washes.

3-layer Barricade™

An investment in a long-term high performing jacket for intense activity offering the lightest weight and the smallest pack size.

The water repellent face fabric and the waterproof-breathable membrane are bonded together with a lightweight wicking scrim - the three layers are sandwiched together.

Washing Instructions
Caring for your Rohan Barricade™ waterproof will improve its performance and longevity. Simply machine wash your item at 30C with a gentle non-biological, liquid detergent. We recommend a second rinse to remove all traces of detergent from the fabric. Don’t use fabric conditioners, dryer sheets, stain removers or bleaching agents as these can impair the fabric performance. Garments may be drip dried. To rejuvenate the finish tumble dry your waterproof on the coolest setting, ensuring it is fully dry to complete the process.

Your Barricade™ waterproof has a Durable Water Repellency finish on the surface of the fabric. Over time, with wear and exposure to the environment, this can degrade, stopping water beading up on the surface of the jacket. Cleaning your waterproof will help maintain the finish. If necessary a re-proofing product, such as Grangers Clothing Wash + Repel, may be used to restore the DWR. This can be used in your wash cycle and is activated by a cool tumble dry.

Fabric: : 100% polyamide with waterproof Barricade™ membrane technology.
Weight: 250g
Pack Size: 450ml
Drying Time: 4 hours

Features at a Glance+
  • Class-leading lightweight waterproof shell.
  • Fabric: 100% polyamide with waterproof Barricade™ membrane technology.
  • Durable Water Repellent™ treatment keeps the rain off in light showers.
  • Windproof.
  • 3-layer construction.
  • Taped seams.
  • Two zipped hand pockets set high to provide clearance for a rucksack waistband.
  • Internal chest pocket, doubles as a Packpocket™.
  • Fixed hood with One-Pull™ adjustment.
  • Stiffened and wired hood peak.
  • Adjustable hem and cuffs.
  • Durable.
  • Packable.
  • High wicking.
  • Quick drying.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Crease resistant.
Elemental Protection
Wind - Highly Wind ResistantWind - Highly Wind Resistant

Cutting down windchill can make more difference to your comfort and safety than the amount of insulation you are wearing. Garments that carry this icon are Highly Wind Resistant.

Rain - Totally WaterproofRain - Totally Waterproof

Wet clothing transmits body heat nearly twenty-five times faster than dry. All clothing with this symbol is guaranteed to be totally waterproof. And highly breathable membrane technology means that you won’t get wet from inside either.

Functional Features
Secure Pockets x3Secure Pockets x3

Pocket science at Rohan is all about precision and detail of design, but most of all, it’s about keeping your most important stuff safe at times when losing keys, passports and wallet is more than just an inconvenience. We use several different methods – whichever is the most appropriate. Some pockets are completely hidden with micro zips, some are touch and close with roll-over tops and some are high quality zips.


Good design is more often about what to take off than what to put on. And clever design is about giving one feature two functions, that’s why many Rohan garments feature an internal mesh stretch pocket that doubles as a Packpocket™ for easy storage.

Our Technologies

Conventional waterproof fabrics cannot adapt to the changing weather outside and the changing micro-climate inside. Barricade™ is different, it is dynamic and responds to your body temperature and the humidity of the surrounding environment. The sweatier and steamier things get inside, the better the membrane works and the more vapour escapes.

Durable Water RepellencyDurable Water Repellency

Our durable water resistant finish, which forces water droplets to ‘bead up’ and run off the outside of the jacket, is designed to remain at 80% efficiency – even after 20 washes.

Fundamental Principles
Lightweight - Weight: 250gLightweight - Weight: 250g

We were the original lightweight revolutionaries. Back in the 1970’s we realised that cutting weight without losing performance meant that you can take less and do more. Everything we make is engineered to achieve this.

Packable - Pack Size: 450mlPackable - Pack Size: 450ml

Low pack size is a benefit whether you’re packing for a day’s walking or for the trip of a lifetime. We continually scrutinise fabric specification and garment construction to minimise the packed size of our clothing. The actual pack size is tested and listed.

Fast Drying - Drying Time: 4 hoursFast Drying - Drying Time: 4 hours

All Rohan clothing is designed to be very fast drying – as much a benefit for unexpected downpours as anything else. It’s easy to wash and often needs no ironing. Almost all garments will dry overnight, meaning you can take less with you. We test every item and list its drying time.

Size Guide+
Smart, crease-resistant, quick-drying travel shirt.
Jacket length front 26.5"/67cm
Jacket length back 29"/73cm
Measurement based on Women's Medium

Womens Elite Jacket

To fit
Womens Size Guide

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