Women's Stretch Microgrid Fleece Half Zip Neck Top

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Women's lightweight, versatile mid-layer with an impressive warmth to weight ratio.

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Colour: Desert Pink
  • Desert Pink
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We’ve been using Microgrid fabric since the turn of the century, approaching half a million sales since its launch. Now with added stretch, for greater freedom of movement.

Designed using advanced Microgrid fleece, a soft, brushed polyester fabric which uses a sophisticated ‘needle-out’ knitting technique to create a grid pattern on the surface of the fabric. These grids give the zip neck an attractive textured appearance whilst enabling the fabric to trap air - this is the key to its surprisingly high levels of warmth while still remaining incredibly lightweight and packable.

It’s also breathable and naturally high wicking, allowing the garment to manage moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable with all the same warmth as a much heavier, ordinary fleece.

This remarkable material maximises the properties of its stretch for supreme comfort, fit and freedom of movement without restriction. The sleeve cuffs also have thumbholes, which provide additional warmth, comfort and protection. 

It features a secure zipped chest pocket for convenient storage and security for valuables. It’s a simple design but with a high specification technical fabric and is perfect as a layering piece when used with a waterproof or windproof outer layer or perfect on its own as a fleece.

Fabric: 100% Polyester Microfleece with micro grid structure

Lightweight - Weight: 240g
Lightweight - Weight: 240g

We were the original lightweight revolutionaries. Back in the 1970’s we realised that cutting weight without losing performance meant that you can take less and do more. Everything we make is engineered to achieve this.

Packable - Pack Size: 1300ml
Packable - Pack Size: 1300ml

Low pack size is a benefit whether you’re packing for a day’s walking or for the trip of a lifetime. We continually scrutinise fabric specification and garment construction to minimise the packed size of our clothing. The actual pack size is tested and listed.

Fast Drying - Drying Time: 5 hours
Fast Drying - Drying Time: 5 hours

All Rohan clothing is designed to be very fast drying – as much a benefit for unexpected downpours as anything else. It’s easy to wash and often needs no ironing. Almost all garments will dry overnight, meaning you can take less with you. We test every item and list its drying time.

1 Secure Pocket

Losing the odd bit or bob when you’re close to home is rarely an issue, but losing car hire keys, passport, phone or wallet becomes more important than ever in a far off land. That’s why lots of thought goes into safer pockets – deeper, zipped and hidden.

Features at a Glance+
  • Mid-layer microfleece
  • Microgrid fleece fabric with grid construction
  • High wicking fabric
  • Easy care
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Packable
  • Versatile
  • Zipped chest pocket
  • Easy grab zip pulls
  • Full zip guard with chin protection
  • Thumb loops at sleeve cuffs

1 Secure Pocket

Losing the odd bit or bob when you’re close to home is rarely an issue, but losing car hire keys, passport, phone or wallet becomes more important than ever in a far off land. That’s why lots of thought goes into safer pockets – deeper, zipped and hidden.

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Desert Pink

Womens Stretch Microgrid Zip Neck Top

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What People are Saying

Age: 61-65
Purpose: All year round for most leisure/outdoor occasions
Length you've had item: Just bought
Reviewed: April 2022

Womens' stretch microgrid top


Microgrid tops and jackets are the most used items in my wardrobe, both in summer and winter due them being so versatile. I have just bought the latest zip top in desert pink, which is a lovely colour. It fits pretty much the same as my older tops but the material is thinner (which seems to be a theme in several Rohan items), so whether it has the same thermal properties as previous tops remains to be seen. The pocket isn't very important to me as I don't tend to use them much in the zip tops, but you wouldn't be able to put a lot in it due to it's positioning.

Age: 66-70
Reviewed: April 2022

A really Great Microgrid


I like another reviewer have always bought these over the year and I simply love them. The sizing is just right, they wash well and the pockets wherever they are sited are brilliant but I think the last position (on the chest) is great to put a card, money or keys in when I haven't got a jacket. I have bought a blue one and will buy another. The only thing to add is please bring it back in navy for the winter ! thank you.

Age: 46-50
Purpose: Walking, hiking, travel, every-day wear at home
Length you've had item: I didn’t buy, but have had older versions for years
Reviewed: October 2021

Would love to buy but …


So pleased to see this lightweight stretch micro grid short zip top back on sale again, and this colour is perfect for me, but I haven’t made the purchase as I’m not willing to have one boob neat and tidy and the other with a thick pocket bulging out on top - much more padded and prominent than older versions, and with a big zip to boot. As I’ve always understood it the zip pockets are meant to be secret - and that’s how I use them when I travel - especially for things like credit cards.

I’ve got older versions with concealed zip pocket in sleeve or side seam - perfect - and even one with pocket on the chest, but much lighter weight and more discreet. Please Rohan go back to these arrangements, and a very regular Rohan customer will be delighted and won’t have to shop elsewhere.

Thank you for your feedback. The new Stretch Microgrid has been designed to be lighter, with the same thermal properties as previous ones but with the added extra stretch. The chest pocket has been added so that you can easily access your valuables especially when a jacket is worn on top. A lot of thought has gone into this style and the amendments that have been made are to enhance the performance of the style for the intended end use and activity. We will pass your feedback onto our Design team who are always keen to receive customer feedback. For your reference, they are currently working on our Spring/Summer 2023 range.

Customer Service
Age: 51-55
Purpose: Hill Walking /Hiking/ Running
Length you've had item:
Reviewed: July 2021

Fabulous Fleece


I have previous versions of this Microgrid fleece and was a little hesitant buying another because of the mixed reviews. However, I love this version, lighter weight, definitely warmer than old ones, small to pack in rucksack, a better shape for me, in that there is room for my posterior and lastly, lovely colours of blue and grey. I would have bought the red too but sadly not my colour. I would say fit is true to size, I am a 12-14 and bought Medium, nearer a 14 than 12 if I am honest!

Out on the hills yesterday, a bright but cold windy day. Others were reaching for gilets or jackets and I was warm and cosy with my Microgrid.

Thank you Rohan I have been waiting for ages for this half zip fleece to make a return - bright pink/turquoise/lilac/purple would all be good colours to have.

Mad Englishwoman and Dog
Age: 66-70
Purpose: walking
Length you've had item: did not buy
Reviewed: May 2021

good colour but


I love the bright blue colour of this but the fit is awful. It balloons out in the the lower half and is very unflattering. For that reason I didn't buy it which is such a shame as I used to love the microgrids. Also, it was good to see a half-zip again as this style is the only one I wear (the full zip again being unflattering in shape). Please redesign but keep the lovely colour! Strong, bright colours please!

Thank you for your review. We do use wear testers to ensure our garments fit suitably. Pleased to hear that you liked the colours. Your feedback has been passed to our Design team, as they work several seasons in advance it can take a little time for amendments to be introduced.

Customer Service
Amy D
Age: 36-40
Purpose: Spring/autumn wear
Length you've had item: A few weeks
Reviewed: May 2021

Warm and smart


I love this fleece and may buy another. It's smart enough to wear while working at home, has useful features, and is surprisingly warm for such a thin material. It's a good fit. I'm over 6ft and it's a good length in the body, but not quite long enough in the sleeves, perhaps you'd consider making a tall version?

Margaret McLeod
Age: 66-70
Reviewed: May 2021

microgrid zip neck


I have been buying these every year since they first came out(a long time) & don't even know how many I have, every year though the pocket has been in a different place, some on front top some at the side and some on the inside and more recently at the bottom front. no matter where I would never be without these I live in them all year except when its really hot, but would still carry one, just in case. please do not ever stop making these.

Nick Hunt
Age: 66-70
Purpose: Walking, mainly summer time.
Length you've had item: 1 week
Reviewed: April 2021

Really Pleased


I bought this top for my wife. she is really pleased with it. It is lightweight which is great for layering. The shape is fine too with the slightly flared hem. This gives it a looser, more modern online.

The breast pocket is ideal as are the cuff loops.

The fleece is really light which is great for walking as we always get hot. The colour is a lovely stone grey. The fit is spot on for a size 12.

I cannot see any reason not to give this the 5 stars it deserves.

Age: 61-65
Purpose: walking, hiking, autumn, winter and spring.
Length you've had item: 3-4 months
Reviewed: April 2021

Comfortable, flattering and lightweight


I love my vivid blue fleece so much so that after a few months I am going to purchase another. During the week I usually walk alone so I think it is important to be seen. Unfortunately red isn't my colour so will have to buy the light grey one.

I love the zip pocket as it is very handy for my mobile and I think it looks better there than in my trouser/short pocket.

Jane Mata
Age: Prefer not to say
Purpose: Walking, summer wear
Length you've had item: New
Reviewed: March 2021

Microgrid zip neck


The fabric does not have the soft back of the original, but I am optimistic it'll be ok as it feels like a (dare I say) Craghopper jacket that has done fine. Red is nice. The cut (in large) was floppy at the bottom but I also ordered a men's small, which fits better. I have long arms! I hope it keeps the wind out like the originals but am pleased so far with my men's item!

Thank you for your feedback the new stretch microgrid has been designed to be as light as possible, the performance level will be the same as previous designs but with the added stretch benefit.

Customer Service
Age: Prefer not to say
Purpose: indoor/ summer gardening
Length you've had item: 1 week
Reviewed: March 2021

my review of the women's microgrid stretch top


Underwhelming, verging on 2 stars. Flimsy fabric, nothing like the previous generations of Rohan fleeces. Cut rather strange with a flare out from the waist down resulting in a floppy/wavy bottom third which just emphasises the lack of structure in the fabric. Not flattering.

The blue is VERY LOUD, almost fluorescent. Was going to return it but am hoping it looks more appropriate come spring/summer.

The grey is very pale but OK.

They are comfortable to wear around the house or gardening, but as I say, no feel good factor. Sad. In these times, with no 'hands on' shopping one tends to turn to previously reliable brands. Quality is key to trust.

Gave 3 stars for value as it was on offer. 2 stars at full price.

Please do contact our Customer Service team on 0800 840 1411 if you would like to discuss any of the points further, please be assured we take the quality and fit of our products very seriously.

Customer Service
Age: 56-60
Purpose: Every day use which involves fell walking, dog walking and gardening. I wear a Rohan half zip fleece all the time (except when l'm in bed!). I don't own any other jumpers.
Length you've had item: This fleece one week, but have owned numerous Rohan half zips over many years.
Reviewed: March 2021

Review 2021 women's microgrid zip neck fleece


Disappointed. The new fabric is much thinner than the original. The fabric feels and looks cheap. The reverse of the fabric is now smooth and slippery rather than being fleecey - it doesn't feel warm to the touch. The fleece was very creased when unpacked and despite hanging on a clothes hanger for a week the creases remain. The pocket has reverted to a chest pocket and is no longer a 'pack pocket' as it is too small. This fleece simply doesn't feel or look like a quality product - the redesign just gives the impression of a cost cutting exercise. Come on Rohan you can do much better than this.

Thank you for your feedback. The New Stretch Microgrid and has been designed to be lighter, with the same thermal properties as previous ones but with the added extra stretch. We look to design and sell the best products possible for the intended use and activity. We also do not look to cut corners and design a product to a price point which can compromise on fabrics and features. We would like to see the item and take a closer look if possible? Please contact our customer service team, thank you.

Customer Service

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