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Women's Insulation

Discover our lightweight, women’s winter coats that have been designed using innovative insulation technology. Our smart casual winter jackets for women provide excellent warmth and are suitable for all weather conditions. As well as being durable, both our waterproof jackets and winter coats are made using high loft wadding, making them perfect for all adventures when you go outdoors.

On Body -

Aran Jacket

Ultra-warm, Windproof, Waterproof Jacket
On Body -

Helios Jacket

Lightweight, insulated, water-resistant Jacket
On Body -

Harbour Coat

Long length, Lightweight coat with two types of insulation.
On Body -

Mistral Jacket

Insulating, water-resistant jacket with ultra-soft lining.
On Body -

Frostpoint Jacket

Durable Jacket with high loft wadding - providing excellent warmth
On Body -

Frostpoint Vest

Lightweight and durable vest with high loft wadding for excellent warmth during the winter months.
On Body -

Radius Jacket

Insulating, lightweight jacket for those cold winter days.

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