Touring Brazil

Date of Journey

September 2014

Paul Varney

2014 was the year of our 25th wedding anniversary and I wanted to do something special. Through work I had the amazing opportunity to visit Brazil on several occasions and loved it and I wanted my wife, Rach (and as it turned out my two boys too) to also experience this wonderful country. So it was decided. I can’t deny, they were all a bit, well a lot, nervous but with some reassurances they all agreed.

The plan was to visit the Pantanal to search for Jaguar amongst other goodies and then Iguazu Falls via a short stop in Sao Paulo.

Well before we departed I had some surprise preparation to do and visited the Rohan shop in Norwich to kit my wife out. She needed some proper clothing for the Pantanal and Rohan delivered exactly what was needed; a pair of Roamers trousers and 2 shirts, a Sanctuary and a Sundowner. Receiving these for the trip seemed to chill out Rach completely, she was really delighted and now even excited about going.

 Come August, we were on our way. It was a long way and the travelling was tough. London to Sao Paulo then a long layover before our internal flight to Cuiaba, gateway to the Pantanal. While waiting at Sao Paulo airport our youngest son contacted his Sixth Form to get his AS results: good marks, an excellent start to the holiday. The journey wasn’t over, a short flight to Cuiaba then a long, long drive down the Transpantaneira to Porto Jofre where we hoped to see Jaguar.

Early next morning, we were out on the river and before lunch we had unbelievable views of a wild Jaguar on the river bank – what a truly amazing sight – beautiful.

As well as the Jaguar, we also saw loads of birds including Hyacinth Macaw and Giant Otter too. Caiman were everywhere, right next to our little boat, you had to watch where you put your hands! It was the most wonderful place, relaxing, calm, beautiful and full of wildlife – the only sounds, the birds, the animals and the bell for dinner – brilliant!

From the Pantanal we had a short stopover in Sao Paulo to meet up with some colleagues and this was the scariest part for the family – it is a busy city. We then moved on to Iguazu Falls, one of the most amazing places in the world. There can be few waterfalls or places in the world as beautiful and stunning as Iguazu.

As I knew and expected, it was amazing – we saw our Jaguar – 4 in fact and Iguazu Falls is breathtaking.

The whole family loved the trip and fell in love with Brazil, the place, the wildlife and the people and Rach said her Rohan clothing were the most comfortable clothing she has ever worn.

Having seen how much she loved her Rohan clothing, I have just purchased a Frontier shirt and Trailblazer trousers for me……… need to go and try them out properly, somewhere smart.

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