Touring Ethiopia

Date of Journey

December 2015

Fran & Hugh Morley

We're just back from an amazing tour of Ethiopia. People thought it a very strange destination but accommodation is slowly improving. The one thing we've been asked to do by the local people is to persuade even one person to go there and that it's a happy optimistic country. The 1980's image of starvation is 'long gone.'

Watching the Great Ethiopian Run, seeing the rock-hewn Churches at Lalibella, sitting with Gelada Baboons in the Simien Mountains, watching several hundred thousand Christian pilgrims in Aksum, the coffee ceremonies, the rasta legacy, are just a few highlights.

The 'not so good', thing about the trip was that children are beginning to beg from tourists rather than go to school. Our Tour Leader Sue photographs children and distributes them on the following trip... and it works. Few requests for money, sweets, email addresses!

There are 3 items we could not have done without. The Eagle Creek Warrior was amazing for two 70ish travellers trundling through the streets on public transport in the UK; to help organise us with the 'pack it' system and protect clothing from fleas. The second item has to be the 'pants', which wash and dry in a flash. Finally as in the photos, my husband is a walking advert for you as in the photos below.  The shirts wash and dry in the smallest of sinks, almost always missing a plug... and go on for ever.

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