Touring Norway with Rohan

Date of Journey

April 2016

Bryan Bland

This was an interesting trip to pack for. It included travel by car, train, plane, coach, cable car, ship and Shanks’s pony. And a mix of business and pleasure, in urban and rural locations with indoor and outdoor activities, formal and informal too!

To prepare I looked up the average rain fall for Bergen in April. It’s 150mm. Compared to London at a mere 43mm. Wow that’s a lot of April showers! I’m pleased I did this tiny piece of research, it saved me from hypothermia. OK, that may be an exaggeration but nevertheless some of my fellow travellers couldn’t cope with the weather at one point. I had to have Rohan with me. A range of travel clothing that would cope with the demands of being in a business meeting one moment and hiking up the side of a fjord the next – literally.


I travelled to Norway along with a few hundred other representatives of the worlds travel market with Hurtigruten. Norway’s daily passenger and freight shipping service that travels along the western and northern coast right into the heart of the fjords. They are investing heavily in their ships, the experience on board and quite rightly wanted to showcase this new offer with a Trade Travel Event. Comprising tasters of the experience, seminars and presentations, networking, dinners and excursions.


Early morning I made my way from home in Bedfordshire to Gatwick Airport and onto Bergen, followed by a coach transfer to an organised tour of Troldhaugen, the former home of classical composer Edvard Grieg, before being transferred to the hotel.


At this point the weather began to turn, a freezing chill to the increasing wind and darkening clouds begun to gather.


In the evening we made our way to scenic Mount Fløyen via cable car for dinner and the rain turned rapidly to sleet and then snow. The view city wide view disappeared rapidly and we huddled together waiting for the restaurant to open in Arctic conditions. I was wearing a snug and light Headland Jacket with a Mountain Leader Jacket over the top with the hood up. The combination of Rohan layers kept the wind out and me warm, whilst those around me began bemoaning their choice of clothes. After ten minutes the doors were flung open and a blazing fire welcomed us all.  


The next day we were met a local guide who took us on a walking tour around Bergen. And yet again the weather turned. This time no sleet or snow but heavy persistent freezing cold rain during the whole tour. My Mountain Leader Jacket had dried quickly from the night before and combined with the Headland Jacket, Gridlock Crew and Stronghold Trousers I was ready again. Three of my group gave up soaking wet and cold as there thick padded jackets adsorbed more and more chilling water, whilst I smiled silently to myself. Two others purchased cheap unflattering plastic ponchos which kept the rain out and the sweat in! The tour was amazing even in the rain. Rohan kept me comfortable dry and warm. When I got back to the hotel at lunch time I took off my Mountain Leader and Stronghold Trousers and had them dry in ten minutes using the rooms’ tiny hair dryer.


In the late afternoon, following a number of networking meetings, suitably smart casual in my Freelance Shirt and Merino Knitted V-Neck, we boarded the MS Kong Harald and departed to Sognefjord the deepest fjord in Norway.


The next morning was packed with presentations and I was comfortable and cool in my Progress Polo shirt. As we docked in the quaint village of Skjolden at lunch time, I changed back into my outdoor combination of Mountain Leader Jacket, Headland Jacket, Gridlock Crew and Stronghold Trousers and I was ready for the excursion to the Urnes Stave Church a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Warm and dry against the cold wind I ascended the side of the fjord to look back at this incredible landscape.


What was the one item of clothing or equipment you couldn’t have managed without on your trip? Rohan Mountain Leader Jacket

What was the one ‘not so good’ thing about your trip? The freezing cold rain during a walking tour of Bergen

What was the highlight? Being the only dry and warm person on the walking tour of Bergen – thanks to Rohan clothing!


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