Share your Travel Stories And Recommendations

We love hearing about your adventures in Rohan clothing and your thoughts about how the gear works for you. So much so, that we’d really like to share the most informative and interesting stories with the rest of the Rohan community.

To help us organise the stories into a format that will be most useful to your fellow travellers, it would be a great help if you could organise your story into the following paragraphs.

  • Your name
  • Which country did you visit?
  • And which region, city or area did you visit?
  • When did you make your trip?
  • Month/Year
  • Your story – in roughly 500 words or less
  • What was the one item of clothing or equipment you couldn’t have managed without on your trip?
  • And what was the single thing you’d wished you brought with you – but didn’t?
  • What was the one ‘not so good’ thing about your trip?
  • What was the highlight?

And Please Remember to Include...

  • Your contact daytime telephone number
  • Your email address
  • Your postal address

(And don’t worry if you don’t have something to write under every single paragraph heading! Every story is going to be different – that’s what makes it so interesting!)

By submitting your story, we will assume that you have given permission for your story to be shared with your fellow Rohan customers on We may also shorten or edit your submission, if required. So, please consider this before making a submission.

How to submit your story

To share your story, simply email us at remembering to attach any related photographs (not too many please).

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