Explore without limitations - Gear up and go!

Looking to expand your horizon this season? From exploring the highest peaks to rambling around the lowest lakes. From weekend city breaks to last minute rural escapes. This collection aims to inspire you to climb higher, walk further, and explore more. With clothing that helps you to push past your boundaries, no adventure is off limits. Embark on new adventures this Spring with our range of lightweight, versatile, and protective clothing.

Alongside some of our well-established favourites, we have created a range of new styles to help you rejuvenate your wardrobe. Our aim is to help you be ready to move quickly and efficiently through your chosen environment while keeping you comfortable, protected, and ready to answer the call of adventure.


Get ready to experience the perfect blend of comfort, practicality, and protection with our Men's and Women’s New Season ranges. With innovative design features to keep you moving with confidence and ease, whether you’re venturing out for a morning hike, heading for a city break, or enjoying the wildlife in your local park. There’s something to ensure everyone enjoys their outdoor escapades.


Introducing the perfect companion for wet weather wandering

The Tamar Overhead is designed for days spent wandering the countryside, this long-length waterproof pullover is perfect for a slower pace of exploring. A fully waterproof detachable viewing pouch shields your possessions from the elements while keeping them close to hand and easily visible, ideal for storing things like an OS map. When your adventure ends, the Tamar converts into a handy shoulder bag for easy storage.

Tamar Waterproof Overhead in Park Green
Tamar Waterproof Overhead in Park Green
Tamar Waterproof Overhead in Park Green
Tamar Waterproof Overhead in Park Green
Gift Your Gear Outdoor Kit Donation Logo

Getting the right gear to the right people 

Gift Your Gear is proud to support many wonderful charities and foundations by providing them with gear that can make a real difference to those who need it. One such charity is Venture Scotland, a Scottish charity that supports young people (16-30) through a long-term, outdoor-based personal development programme. Supporting vulnerable young people to overcome their situations by building self-confidence, trust in others, and connections.

“Thank you so much to the Rohan Gift Your Gear colleagues and customers! Venture Scotland is absolutely delighted to have been sent a huge amount of brilliant outdoor gear that will help our young people when they are out on our personal development programme. Good quality outdoor gear can be expensive which is a barrier to access for the young people that we support. With your help, we’ve now got kit that young people can keep long after their time with Venture Scotland ends; supporting the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts for every journey!”

Robin Jeffery - Venture Scotland, Operations Manager


Read the full article 'A Fresh Perspective on Life' here.

Learn more about our Gift Your Gear initiative here.



Equip yourself with a wearable safety net with Insect Shield®

Whether you’re off on a safari or just pottering around in the garden, being bothered by unwanted insects can quickly spoil your outdoor experience. Depending on where you are in the world, insect bites can range from a mild annoyance to a potential health risk, so it’s important to make sure you’re as protected as possible.

Insect Shield® technology is designed to effectively repel all flying and crawling insects before they have the chance to bite you. This invisible and odourless clothing treatment reduces the chance of bug bites by an impressive 97%, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor adventures with confidence and peace of mind.



Exceed expectations on every endeavour

Our clothing is packed full of technology to help you to thrive across a wide variety of situations and activities. The question is, how do you select the perfect clothing technology to suit your chosen activity? While there might not be one clear cut answer, this guide aims to help you narrow down your search and identify what attributes you should look out for when choosing your clothing.

In the past we’ve covered our clothing technologies ideal for walking, hiking, and trekking – but why stop there? Versatility is one of our core principles, so let’s explore the wide range of activities that our clothing technology can enhance.


Rohan Technologies - Dynamic Moisture Control

Dynamic Moisture Control

Clothes that carry Dynamic Moisture Control are very high wicking, working to rapidly spread moisture across the surface of the garment. This helps clothing to dry much faster and can keep you feeling comfortable in wet or humid conditions. This technology will greatly enhance water-based activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, and fishing.


Rohan Technologies - Stretch Multi-Flex

Stretch - Multi-Flex

During active pursuits, your clothing should never restrict your ability to move. That’s why we create stretch by including elastane in our fabric blends, ensuring comfort, and facilitating freedom. Ideal for activities ranging from gardening and golf to tennis and yoga. 


Rohan Technologies - Windproof & Waterproof

Protective - Windproof & Waterproof

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your outdoor pursuits – The Rohan Barricade Standard ensures that you will remain completely dry and sheltered from stormy winds, from endurance sports to easy walks.Perfect for things like cycling, trail running, dog walking, and foraging.



Lightweight linen for city escapes

Enhance your warm weather adventures with our Linen range, featuring the Brisa Linen and Porto Linen collections. All the benefits of natural linen, with increased warm weather performance thanks to a blend of technical fabric. Crease resistant, easy care, and lightweight.



Bags more options for spring adventures

Our original technical trousers, featuring Sun Protection, Dynamic Moisture Control (DMC), and plenty of secure zipped pockets. The range has now evolved and grown to include stretch, convertible options, and shorts, but the technology and design remain true to the legacy of the original Bags Trousers. 


There's a Roamer for every activity

Embark on hiking and walking adventures with the freedom to roam in our range of Women’s Roamers. For rural wandering, rainy days exploring the hills, or sunny rambles down the coast.