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Rohan Service Centre



Restore and reuse your much loved Rohan garments.




About the Service Centre

Rohan garments are designed to be durable, functional and suitable for any activity whether you are hiking, trekking or walking in the hills or countryside. The fabrics are carefully considered and enhanced with industry leading technologies, such as our waterproof Barricade Standard or Dynamic Moisture Control wicking treatment, to deliver the very best performance whatever the weather.


Inevitably, there are occasions when something unexpected happens and they will need to be repaired – maybe it is a zip that needs replacing or a tear that needs a patch repair.


We can also wash your down items so you don’t have to worry. Our specialist Down Service Wash maintains the insulation properties by keeping the loft high meaning the air can continue to circulate freely maintaining warmth and our reproofing service gives you the chance to restore the DWR so you can continue wearing your trusted jacket in wet weather.



Rohan is very excited to be launching our Service Centre so you can keep on wearing your favourite clothes by giving them a new lease of life. It will help the environment by keeping them out of landfill sites for longer.


Please note: We will always do our best to match threads, zips and fabrics that are available and perform the best repair possible. At present, the repair service is not offered for waterproof items.




Extend the life of your favourite items by patching up rips, replacing zips and re-stitching seams.


Note: At present, the repair service is not offered for waterproof items.


Repair Price List

Zip Replacements

Main Zip - £25

Fly Zip  £10

Pocket Zip - £15


Patch Repairs

Minimum Charge - £15


Stitching Repairs

Minimum Charge - £10




Are you concerned about washing your down products? We can take the worry away with our Down Service Wash. The insulating properties of down work effectively when the loft is high and the air can circulate freely. We also offer a reproofing service for your waterproofs. The Rohan specialist wash and reproofing service makes sure your garment is returned fresh and clean with the right loft and ready for your next adventure.


Washing Price List

Down Wash and Dry - £35

Synthetic Insulation Wash - £30


Waterproof Jacket Techwash and Reproof - £25

Waterproof Trousers Techwash and Reproof -  £20


How do you send your item to the Rohan Service Centre?


You can do this either by taking the item to your nearest store or by contacting Customer Service on 0800 840 1411.


Please note there is a 14 day turnaround time from when the item is received in the warehouse to when it is returned to your home or to a Rohan store.


In store


1. Take your item to your nearest store
2. Your details will be obtained and payment taken
3. The item will be sent off for repair or for washing
4. Once repaired, the item will be sent back to store
5. You will be contacted when the item is ready for collection