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Travel Accessories

RFID Protected Tri-Fold Wallet

Classic wallet with RFiD protection.

Insulated Bottle 500ml

Premium stainless steel insulated bottle.

RFID Tri-Fold Wallet

Spacious RFID protected lightweight tri-fold wallet.

2-in-1 Wash and Repel

Wash-in treatment to clean and restore water-repellency.

Fizan Compact Pole Single

Super lightweight, compact and durable walking pole.

RFID Protected Mini Document Wallet

Protective document wallet.

Rohan Compact RFID Wallet

RFID protected compact wallet.

Rohan RFID Bi-Fold Wallet

RFID protected compact bi-fold wallet.

Zoku Pocket Straw

Portable and reusable telescopic straw.

Stash Neck Pouch

Eagle Creek - lightweight, low profile neck pouch for everyday essentials.

Lifesystems® Traveller First Aid Kit

32-piece first aid kit for travelling.

RFID Protected Document Wallet

Protective document wallet.

Merino Wash

Formulated to clean merino and woollen clothing.

Nite Ize® S-Biner® Size 2

Robust, twin-ended karabiner clip.

Nite Ize® S-Biner® MicroLock

Compact, twin ended karabiner clip.

GoToob Medium

Handy, squeezable travel bottle.

Nite Ize® Slidelock Carabiner #3

Durable, lightweight aluminum carabiner.

Nite Ize® Identikit Microbiner Key Cover

Flexible, colourful key covers.

RFID Protected Card Wallet

Compact card wallet with RFiD protection.

Rohan RFID Compact Wallet

RFID protected compact wallet.

RFID Protected Bi-Fold Wallet

Compact wallet with RFiD protection.

Thermal Mug

Tough and durable thermal travel mug.

Nite Ize® Slidelock Carabiner #2

Durable, lightweight aluminum carabiner.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Garment Folder Large

Eagle Creek - Reveal garment folder with folding board

GoToob Medium 3 Pack

Handy, squeezable travel bottle set.

Stash Cross Body Bag

Eagle Creek - tough, lightweight cross body bag for hand-free convenience.

Nite Ize Spotlit LED Carabiner Light

Multi-use bright LED carabiner.

Nite Ize® DoohicKey Keytool

Key-sized multi-tool.

Nite Ize® KeyRack

Robust, multi-clip karabiner key ring.

Nite Ize® BugLit

Handy LED light.

Lifeventure® All Purpose Soap 200ml

Biodegradable all-purpose soap.

Lifeventure® Digital Luggage Scales

Easy-to-read, portable luggage scales.

Lifeventure® Travel Sink and Bath Plug

Portable, travel bath/sink plug.

Lifeventure® Travel Door Lock

Portable, travel door lock.

Lifeventure® Travel Ear Plugs

Boxed travel earplugs, set of three.

Lifeventure® Travel Clothes Line

Travel friendly clothes line, no pegs required.

LIFEVENTURE® Titanium Cutlery Set

Durable, lightweight, cutlery set.

Life Systems Sport SPF 50+ Suncream 100ml

Sports sun cream designed for high-intensity activity.

All Terrain Money Belt

Eagle Creek - neat and discrete, a tough but comfortable money belt.

Nite Ize® QuikStand

The ultimate mobile device stand.

Nite Ize® KeyRack Locker

Robust, multi-clip karabiner key ring.

Nite Ize® S-Biner® Ahhh

Twin-ended karabiner clip.

GoTubb, Small - 3 Pack

Handy travel container.

Go Tubb Medium 3 Pack

Handy travel containers.

Performance Wash

Formulated to clean technical fabrics and clothing.

GoToob Large 3 Pack

Handy, squeezable travel bottle set.

Go Tubb Large 2 Pack

Handy travel containers.

Travel Money Belt

Practical belt that keeps your cash safe.

Lifesystems OS Compass

A reliable compass for hiking and orienteering.

Lifeventure Cable Lock

Cable lock with 90cm retractable steel cable.

Lifeventure TSA Mini Padlock

2 mini padlocks with TSA security fittings.

Lifeventure Ultralight Dry Bag 10L

A durable, ripstop nylon 10L dry bag.

Lifeventure Ultralight Dry Bag 25L

Waterproof 25L Dry Bag in ripstop nylon.

Lifeventure Ultralight Dry Bag 5L

5L dry bag made from ripstop nylon.

Lifesystems® Blister Kit

Light and compact blister kit.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate Shoe Sac

Eagle Creek - Antimicrobial storage option for shoes.

Easy Blink Eyeshade

Eagle Creek - super-slim eyeshade.

RFID Protected Passport Wallet

Protective passport wallet.

RFID Zip Coin Wallet

RFID protected zip coin wallet.

Water To Go Filtration Bottle

Water bottle for clean filtered drinking water.

RFID Protected Phone Wallet

Secure phone wallet.

Cinch-A-Lot Mini Stretch Strap

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