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Green Light Trust
Nature empowers. We call it green care.

We use the power of nature to support disadvantaged and marginalised adults, children and young people who may be struggling, for whatever reason, to move forward in life.

Since launching Green Light Trust in 1989, we’ve been on a steadfast mission to positively transform the lives of individuals who may have been disadvantaged, suffered challenges, or been to the depths of despair through mental health or addictive behaviours.

We believe that our woodland environments and nature-inspired initiatives have been fundamental in enabling hundreds of adults and children to increase their health, hope and happiness. Our project work includes a vast scope of tailored activities, suitable for wherever people are in their personal journeys. We run bushcraft workshops, extended mental health recovery programmes, wellbeing initiatives, and bespoke training and activities with specific needs in mind.

Our expert staff and support workers know how difficult it can be to engage in something new and unknown. We approach self-development at a flexible pace, and are dedicated to helping people set and succeed in their life’s goals. And whenever possible, we all come together and we all cook together.

“The silence of the woods helps to give me time to leave old thoughts at the entrance and make new ones.” Women’s Wellbeing course – Suffolk

“Being outside helps with my stress – Green Light Trust has opened my eyes to the world around me.” Woodland Minds course – Suffolk

Many of the people we work with are struggling with multiple issues that do not have a quick fix, and we meet them at various stages of their life journey. They may take a great deal of time to navigate their way through personal life challenges, with many ups and downs. We work with individuals at their own pace and continue to provide support until they are either able to move on to a more independent life, or to another organisation that can help them with the next step. The people we work with are often the most removed from the natural environment and it may not occur to them how nature could help. We come together to learn new skills and gain confidence. If you’re disadvantaged and marginalised, it’s unlikely you’ll have the funds for outdoor clothing. That’s where Gift Your Gear and Rohan comes in. We have a boot room full of donated outdoor kit which is a great help, as keeping everyone warm and dry is the first step to a great day.

Tom Brown, CEO.

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