The Science Inside . . .

Microgrid and Microrib Stowaway Fleece Jackets

What’s in a fleece? Well, more than meets the eye it seems.

On closer inspection, the fleece fabric used to construct Rohan’s Microgrid Stowaway Fleece Jacket for men works far harder than your ‘normal’ fleece. It traps more air which in turn prevents the loss of your body’s warmth.

What makes this mid-layer fleece jacket highly packable is its dense fabric. Pop it in the bottom of your rucksack when you need that extra layer on your hill walks, dog walks, trail walks…all kinds of walks! Plus, an unbeatable warmth-to-weight ratio means this Rohan fleece is perfect for sundown in warmer climates. The ‘grid’ fabric structure uses a sophisticated ‘needle-out’ knitting technique for more effective wicking, a faster drying time and excellent breathability.

Likewise, Rohan’s best-selling Microrib Stowaway Jacket for women performs to the same high standard. It’s one of our most popular lightweight fleeces for slightly warmer weather and active outdoor use – and with good reason. The ‘ribbed’ texture on the surface, like the grid on the men’s fleece, isn’t just aesthetically pleasing – it also brings the same host of technical benefits.

Bulk is reduced, making the garment lighter overall. Layered up it’ll keep you warm whilst being breathable and there’s no need to fight with it to fit it into your backpack thanks to its small pack size. Not forgetting those extra, yet all-important details: two zipped side pockets, one internal zipped pocket and thumb loops.

All-in-all, the Microrib and Microgrid Fleece Jackets are the ideal ‘just-in-case’ layering piece when teamed up with a Rohan waterproof jacket or windproof outer layer.

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