Photograph your world
Discover five fundamental elements of photography to practise at home

Award-winning food & drink, interior, lifestyle and landscape photographer, Chris Orange, has worked with many top brands, including Rohan, and his landscape work ‘Remote Britain’ in particular has been featured on BBC Breakfast television as part of the Wild Britain series.

In this short video, Chris takes us through some handy tips for mastering photography from the comfort of your own home. In these strange times, he believes it’s a good time to learn a new skill or perhaps develop a skill you’ve not worked on for a while. It’s an opportunity to take photographs of your world.

It doesn’t matter how good your camera is, you can use your phone – what’s important is that you tell your own stories through your captures, document these times and share them digitally with your friends and family.

Chris explains just a few important elements of photography to consider when exploring your home or garden for the perfect shot.

  1. Composition – This a crucial part of a photo. A well-thought out composition leads the eye and takes the viewer on a journey, much like a piece of art in a gallery. Tell different stories in your photos, use the entire frame and the ‘rule of thirds’.
  2. Lighting – Focus on using the best light you can in your own environment, whether you’re in your house or garden. You can use lighting in various ways – it can be a disadvantage but often an advantage if you look at it from a different perspective. Look at how the light falls on a person, an object – stand to the side of the window, take a look from up high or down low. Simply experiment with the light and see where shadows fall.
  3. Macro lens – If you have one of these, you can discover a whole different view on things. Close-ups of plants, flowers or bugs bring the miniature world to life. You can have some real fun with a macro.
  4. Simplicity – Try not to overthink it. What’s this picture actually about? Take lots of the same thing from different angles. With digital, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to practice and make perfect.
  5. Document – In years to come, these photographs you take now, in these strange times, will be stories to tell. Photographs of your world that temporarily changed on the outside.

Take a look at Chris’ stunning landscape photography on Instagram.

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