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Rohan Trousers
A quick guide to Rohan Trousers in Long and Short Leg Lengths.

Rohan Trousers – The long and short of it

A quick guide to Rohan Trousers in Long and Short Leg Lengths.

At Rohan, we try to cater for everyone who loves the outdoors – however tall or short they might be. So, obviously, we’d love to offer every pair of trousers, in every conceivable size and colour combination, all the time. Unfortunately, the economics of garment manufacture and clothing retail make that impossible – at the moment.

In the meantime, we’ve selected a range of popular walking and outdoor trousers to offer in a longer leg length, designed to fit people with a 33” inside leg. We’ve also selected a range of trousers to offer in a shorter leg length, which are designed to fit people with a 29” inside leg. And of course, there’s regular leg length trousers at 31”.

Additionally, we currently provide ‘unfinished’ leg lengths for two trouser types in particular – Bags and Journey Suit Trousers. This means you can take up these trousers to your precise requirements, at exactly the length you want them. Customers who are above, or below average height can find it hard to find a spot-on trouser fit, but unfinished hem trousers solve this problem brilliantly.

Rohan’s outdoor trouser range has been carefully chosen to cover every use and activity. OK, you don’t get quite as much choice as people lucky enough to be 'average', but you’ll always be able to find something that's suited to the job in hand. To make it easier for you to choose, we've gathered together all our long leg length trousers and short leg length trousers into separate categories below.

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