Connect With Nature on your Doorstep

This week we catch up with the RSPB to understand their current project - ‘Nature on your Doorstep' and how you can get involved.

For many of us, our gardens, balconies and local green spaces are the places where we first have the chance to enjoy and get to know the wildlife that shares our lives. These are also the places that let us connect with nature and where many have found peace and solace in the turmoil of the global pandemic. Through a new project called ‘Nature on your Doorstep,’ the RSPB is now helping everyone create wonderful outdoor spaces perfect for people and wildlife.

Nature on Your Doorstep is designed to inspire and help you with ‘how to’ videos, seasonal things to do and try and new features on easy ways you can encourage more wildlife.

Their ideas are:

  • Affordable – you can make your space wildlife friendly on a small budget
  • Easy for beginners and the green-fingered alike
  • Relatively quick to do – though it can take time for wildlife to find your space

At, you’ll find simple hacks, easy steps and top tips to make your garden, balcony or window box blooming lovely, no matter your gardening experience or the size of your space.

From choosing the best plants to grow to just adding some water to your outdoor space and many other fantastic ideas in between, the RSPB will help you turn your patch into paradise. You’ll also be able to join a dedicated wildlife gardening community online to connect and share experiences and ideas with others.

Spring into action and give it a grow!

Just visit, where you can sign up to receive wildlife-friendly gardening advice direct to your Inbox and let us know how you get on.

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