The Science Inside... Thermocore™ Fabric Technology

The Science Inside...
Thermocore™ Fabric Technology

Did you know, a polar bear’s fur is made from hollow core hair? ‘What’s the relevance of that fact to this article?’ you ask. Well, Rohan’s own hollow core brushed back fabric is Thermocore™. And just like a polar bear’s hair, it traps warmth effectively and dries quickly. Critically, it still insulates when wet.

Super soft to the touch, this fabric works to trap an abundance of warm air in its hollow yarn – a great choice for cold weather adventures and walks. This is smart clothing technology in that it gives the fabric the same insulation performance as fleece but is much more lightweight in its construction.

Taking convenience one step further, fabric with Thermocore™ tech makes the garment really easy to care for. All you need to do is give it a quick spin in the washing machine or rinse with a travel wash, hang it up to dry overnight and it’ll be as good as new and ready to wear the following day. You won’t need to pack as much in your travel luggage but, if you do insist on taking a few extra items of Rohan clothing, you’ll be thankful for small pack size and a resistance to creasing.

Rohan uses Thermocore™ fabric to make traditional looking, smart-casual shirts that work as wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers or just toasty-warm shirts. Looks like a shirt, works like a fleece – Thermocore™ is the ultimate fabric technology for warmth and comfort.

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