Welcome to Urban Safari, our summer collection that’s designed to take you from exploring the concrete jungle to adventuring in the untamed wilderness.


So whether you’re planning a relaxing city break, an adventurous rural escape, or something in between – you’ll find outfits and technologies that help you to get the most out of your travels, no matter the environment.


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Summer Technologies

Comfortable, protected, and adventure ready.

When you think of technical clothing, you probably picture the technologies that keep us feeling warm or dry. But actually, there’s a wide range of warm weather clothing technologies that can greatly enhance your summer adventures.

Dynamic Moisture Control 
Dynamic Moisture Control is a wicking technology that works to actively move moisture away from your skin and distribute it across the surface of the fabric, allowing it to easily evaporate.


Increased activity levels and higher temperatures can result in a buildup of sweat in your clothes. When this moisture is allowed to sit against your skin it can cause discomfort and compromise the breathability of the material which can cause you to overheat even more.


This technology helps to simplify your travel by encouraging your clothes to dry much faster and enhancing your comfort on warm days spent exploring. 


FreshWay Technology
Our FreshWay anti-odour technology is a permanent clothing treatment that works to efficiently combat the buildup of unwanted odours in your clothes.


This technology works by distributing microscopic traces of silver throughout the material of the garment. Silver is naturally antimicrobial, so it is highly effective at preventing the growth of the bacteria and fungi that cause your clothes to develop an unpleasant smell.


This technology is especially useful on multi-day trips where you don’t have the ability to wash your clothes, or when you want to still feel fresh after a long day exploring in warmer weather.


UPF40+ Sun Protection
Stay safe in sunny climates with our UPF40+ Sun Protection technology. Designed to shield your skin from the harmful effects of overexposure to damaging UV rays, this technology provides comforting peace of mind while you explore.


All Rohan garments are tested for their ability to block UV rays. The garments that achieve a rating of UPF40+ will block up to 97.5% of UV radiation, which is almost the same level of protection you’d get from wearing SPF50 sun cream.


Of course, this protection only applies to areas covered by the garment so it’s important to apply sun cream to any exposed skin like your face and hands


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Jeans that Flex with Any Adventure

Effortlessly stylish, deceptively technical

Rohan has a long tradition of rethinking everyday clothing using cutting-edge fabric technology, and what better place to start than the world’s most popular trousers - jeans. Rohan jeans may look like regular denim, but upon closer inspection it’s clear that they’re far from ordinary

Made from a sophisticated fusion of cotton and advanced modern synthetics, Rohan jeans weigh much less, dry faster, and are more packable and comfortable than regular jeans.

By adding modern synthetic fabrics to the blend, we’ve created a range of styles that offer the sort of travel-friendly comfort and protection that really sets them apart from everyday alternatives.

As a result of the success of our clever jeans, we now offer a choice of two different styles, Classic & Tapered. Each with all the thoughtful features that you’d expect from a pair of Rohan trousers.


Classic or Straight fit trousers are not narrow, and not wide either. These fit straight through the leg.


Trousers with a tapered, or narrowed leg. These are wider at the top and start to narrow towards the bottom of the leg for a more tailored look.We’re incredibly proud of our jeans, and hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed designing them