A strange new reality.
Something a little different, for different times.

Life has changed immeasurably in the last few weeks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, imposing restrictions on our daily life, affecting work, leisure and travel.

This is a strange new reality.

Globalisation, both in terms of international business and personal travel, has led in recent decades to such an expansion of our borders that we have become accustomed to hopping on a train or plane and alighting at an exotic foreign destination, almost at will. Those days have definitely gone, at least temporarily, and for who knows how long?

Does this mean that my extensive selection of Rohan clothing will remain in the wardrobe? While I have enjoyed using my Journey and Envoy suits as work clothes (as well as travel clothes), I will not need to wear them while working from home and I certainly have no business travel on the horizon. However, the limited freedom of movement we have in the UK, added to the blossoming spring weather (in the South of England at least) leaves some Rohan choices to the outdoors enthusiast.

For my one exercise period per day, I have settled on the Troggings Jacket and trousers, with an old Rohan T-shirt. I purchased the trousers in 2016 and the jacket in 2018, both in black. As advertised, they are very comfortable and appropriate for everything from a slow stroll to a full-on run. In these altered times, it is also obvious by my clothing that I am outside for exercise – a small but important fact, should the enforcement of the restrictions become more stringent.

In reserve, I also have a pair of black Amblers Trousers, similar to the Troggings. In addition to using these as actual sports kit, they are also appropriate as comfy loungewear, since the amount of time spent in front of a screen (for work and leisure) has somewhat increased due to the lockdown.

One other permissible reason to leave the house is to go shopping for essential items e.g. food and medicines (at time of publishing). Normally I would pack my Rohan kit for holidays by looking up the weather in the destination country/town. Now my preparation is looking out the front window to see what the weather is like before making the enormous 3-minute journey to the local supermarket.

Fortunately, I have no shortage of Rohan Bags, Stretch Bags and Grand Tour Chinos to choose from in order to look stylish and comfortable while in the local Waitrose. I normally team these up with a Rohan polo. Lots of my Rohan trousers are in fairly conservative colours, but I will occasionally ring the changes by wearing my Rum, Pimento or Dark Gold Bags, just to jazz things up slightly. If it is raining, I can always slip on my Atlas Waterproof Jacket, or if heavier, my Globetrotter Mac.

I am sure we all look forward to the day when we can use our Rohan kit to the full extent of their capabilities, and preferably while exploring other countries. In the meantime, stay safe!

A guest article by Rohan customer, Michael White.

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