Rohan has a long tradition of rethinking everyday clothing using cutting-edge fabric technology. And what better place to start than the world’s most popular trousers- jeans.

There's nothing wrong with the look and feel of regular denim jeans, but in- terms of performance they just can’t keep up with cutting-edge technical fabrics. They are relatively heavy and uncomfortable over time. They’re often too hot for walking any distance and if they get wet they seem to take forever to dry. Rohan jeans may look like regular jeans but in terms of performance they’re the opposite.

Made from a sophisticated fusion of cotton and advanced modern synthetics, they weigh much less, dry faster and are more packable and comfortable than normal jeans. And a result of the success of our clever jeans, we now offer a choice of four styles. Each with all the clever design you would expect from Rohan. There’s now definitely no excuse for jeans that aren’t comfortable.

When we set out to design our new jeans collection, I found the old expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” going round and round in my head. To be honest, it was kind of disconcerting. How can you possibly improve on such a classic style? In the end, of course, the answer lay in fabric technology. We’ve designed a range of jeans which look and feel exactly like everybody’s favourite denim jeans - but, by adding modern synthetic fabrics to the blend, we’ve created a range of styles that offer the sort of travel-friendly comfort and protection that really sets them apart from everyday alternatives. We’re all really proud of them- and I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed designing them.

Karen Williams - Product Director
Flex Jeans
Advance Jeans
Nordic Jeans

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