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We design our clothes with you in mind. Creating garments that are specifically suited to the activities you pursue. Whether you’re trying to keep warm, dry, cool, comfortable, or protected, we want you to feel fully prepared for your chosen activity.  

Versatility is one of our core principles, so it makes sense that our clothes would be ideal for more than just one activity. We’d like to give you an in-depth look at our expansive range of clothing technologies and explore how they can be used across a great variety of activities.  

The question is, how do you select the perfect clothing technology to suit your chosen activity? While there might not be one clear cut answer, this guide aims to help you narrow down your search and identify what attributes you should be on the lookout for when choosing your clothing. 



Dynamic Moisture Control 

Clothes that carry Dynamic Moisture Control (DMC) are designed to be extremely high wicking. This means that if your clothing gets wet, the moisture will rapidly spread across the surface of the garment. Not only does this help your clothing to dry quickly, but it also enhances your comfort by moving sweat away from your skin.

As part of a layering system, this technology plays a crucial role in enhancing your comfort and safety. If you’re adventuring in colder climates, any moisture trapped between your layers will quickly cool you down and dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your insulation. Dynamic Moisture Control ensures that any moisture in your layers is quickly moved away from you, increasing the speed of evaporation by spreading the moisture over a larger area.

If you’re heading out for an activity like kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, fishing, rowing, rafting, or boating; wearing clothes that feature Dynamic Moisture Control will keep you feeling comfortable for longer and help your clothes to dry much faster. Or if you’re going to be building up a sweat on an aerobic activity like running or cycling, DMC will help to keep you feeling cool and comfortable.


Rohan Outdoor Clothing with Dynamic Moisture Control Technology


Stretch (MultiFlex) 

During active pursuits, your clothing should never hamper your ability to move. We create stretch by including elastane in our fabric blends, enhancing comfort and facilitating movement.

By wearing clothes that move with you rather than restrict you, you’re free to explore and enjoy your activities in your own way, and on your own terms.

The stretch in our clothes ranges from 2-Way to 4-Way. Which one you need will depend on the level of mobility you require from your clothing. 2-Way stretch creates movement between two points in the fabric – this is perfect for light activities that require you to be mobile. 4-Way stretch creates movement between 4 points in the fabric and offers the ultimate freedom of movement. This is ideal for more intense activities where you need to be able to move in all directions.

MultiFlex stretch will give you the freedom to move in your own way during activities like gardening, golf, tennis, badminton, yoga, and scrambling. 


Rohan Outdoor Clothing with Stretch MultiFlex Technology


Protective (Windproof/Waterproof)

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your outdoor pursuits! Rain, wind, and stormy weather can threaten to ruin the enjoyment of your outdoor activities if you’re caught unprepared. With the right kit you can stay dry, protected, and unaffected by inclement weather.

The Rohan Barricade Standard provides unfailing shelter from heavy rain and stormy winds, so that you can enjoy your activity no matter the weather.  
From endurance sports to easy walks, whether you’re taking in the sights or building up a sweat, our waterproof and windproof clothing is breathable and comfortable enough for every level of activity.

Confidently tackle the hills on wet days whether you’re on a long-distance bike ride or trying to break a personal record running the trails. Or if you’re taking it slow and walking the dog or foraging in the forest, a Rohan waterproof will ensure that the weather won’t affect your plans.  


Rohan Outdoor Clothing with Protective Windproof and Waterproof Technology


Versatility and adaptability are crucial to look for when building your adventure wardrobe. So whether you’re embarking on one of the activities explored above, or just looking for clothing technologies that will enhance your day-to-day lifestyle, we hope this guide has inspired you to get out there and explore all different activities possible in your Rohan clothing.